Princess Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

She chose us…

The day we went to adopt Golden’s at GRRAND, little did I know that a very special girl was waiting for us. Princess was abandoned by her owners at their apartment, they moved and just left her there, to this day i just don’t understand how someone could do that, but we were the lucky ones.

We looked at several males and females, but there was just not that chemistry, so when I asked to see Princess, the volunteer that day told us, she has not come over to anyone, because of what happened. I asked her I if I could try, so i walked over to the fence, whistled and called her name. She looked up, and over at me. At that point, up went her tail, and started to wag, a big smile on her face, and she ran over to me. The volunteer was amazed and told us that was the first time she had gone to anyone! I said, “ She is ours now, and we took her with us”.

We had planned on adopting two so that they could keep each other company.

We found Wilson that day, another loving Golden, but he was sick and had to stay another week.

When we brought Wilson home the next week, Princess knew some how that he was sick, so she would lick and groom him sometimes 10 times a day, and that was a bond that lasted 10 years.

When Wilson passed over the rainbow bridge at 12, the spark in Princess started to fade.  At 14 she missed him and her mothering of him was gone too. It broke my heart to watch this.

My wife and I talked about getting another adult dog, and we tried, but Princess was having none of it.

Our vet, and you suggested a puppy to help her. So at the age of 14 she became the surrogate mother of not 1 but two 6 week old Golden puppies. At first she was not trilled about it at all, then one night as Jenn and I watched she started to groom Tess, and then Finn. Oh yes by the way, the puppies were born on June 13th, the same day Wilson passed.  It gave her a new lease on life, and she was like her self again. Even at the age of 14 she played with them, often ending up with Finn sitting on her back and neck and watching TV.

She was starting to really show her age, and we just asked her to teach the babies for a year, which she did for a year and a half.

At 15 1/2 she was tired and worn out, but she never lost her smile and wagging tail.  We knew the time had come when she just wanted to join Wilson and run and play like they used to. That morning I brought out Finn and Tess one at a time to say good bye, they both lay down next to her and put their heads against her, and Princess bathed them one last time, and her journey was complete.

As I  write this a can’t keep from crying because she was such a special girl, and we all miss her so very much.

Scott, Jenn Tessla, and Finnegan.