Precious Toby Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Our precious GRRAND dog, Toby, passed away in April of this year. I thought it would be easier to write this to you after some time had passed, but I find that it isn’t any easier today than it was then. We adopted Toby from GRRAND in May 2009 when he was right about 1 year old. At that time his name was Jazz, and he was surrendered in IN. He was only with GRRAND long enough to be neutered and we welcomed him home as a companion for our 1 year old, Harley. Toby had scars on his neck and he was scared of everything- he had had a rough go in his young life. As we watched over the next few months and years, he slowly came out of his shell and showed that Golden personality. He was so happy to run and play with his sister Harley, and you could tell he had a deep contentment to be part of our family. In 2012 Toby became a big brother to a human boy, Gabe, who came home to us at 2 years old. Toby was so gentle with our little boy! The 2 became fast friends.

Throughout 2018 Toby was slowing down. We could tell his back legs/hips were bothering him, and the vet recommended some medicines and joint supplements to help him. In January, things became worse, and his mobility was greatly diminished. As the spring came on, Toby just wasn’t himself. He would still smile and wag his tail, but we could tell something just wasn’t right. The vet said that he was having small bleeds from cysts or tumors in his liver that were wearing down his stamina. Eventually the bleeding became bad enough that his body couldn’t continue. We said goodbye to the sweetest boy ever surrounded by family and his favorite stuffed toys.

Thank you for all you do for these dogs, and for bringing us such a good boy, Toby.

All the best,
Kerry and Tim Graul