Once in a lifetime dog, Linus, passes peacefully…


2006 – July 2, 2020

On July 2, following 12 years of extraordinary love and companionship, our once-in-a-lifetime dog Linus passed peacefully in his favorite spot on the porch while eating chicken and cheesecake. Although his body had slowly failed him, his spirit never did. Ninety-nine percent Golden and one percent temper, he did not suffer fools gladly but always forgave them. He was well-known at the Judicial Center, where, despite the ban on dogs, he was unofficially welcomed, and where he developed a loyal following. “Linus alerts” went out on a long text chain when he was in the building, and a steady stream of visitors made their way to chambers for a visit.

He was dedicated to keeping cats out of the yard and live-catching possums. He caught the same one multiple times and he would spend hours staring up at the “possum tree” in the back yard waiting for it. As he aged he became content to survey his kingdom from the comfort of the back porch.

His last kindness to us was accepting into his territory 18-month old Grrand dog Jack, and in short order began teaching him what it means to be a good boy. Jack will be a better dog for having spent time with Linus.

Our only regret is that we missed out on the first two years of Linus’s life. We will never have the answer to why he found himself abandoned in a parking lot or where the second half of his tail disappeared to. But we are eternally grateful to have shared our home with this very special dog.

Susan Gibson and John Tarter