Oliver Adopted!


Age:8 mos
Breed:Choch Lab
Intake date:8/23/2020
Post date:9/02/2020
    Oliver, approximately 8 months old, is looking for a his forever home!
    Oliver is a smaller than average chocolate lab pup who was surrendered by his owner to a shelter. He loves action and excitement and is looking for a family who loves this, too, and can help him get out his energy. Oliver requests that his family take the time to help him learn how to be a good family member, as he seems sharp and attentive and just needs to understand what is expected in a home. This pup most likely was never taught basic obedience or walked on a leash, but he is eager to please!
    Oliver gets along well with other dogs and has not yet been tested with cats or kids, but due to his exuberant personality and lack of direction, he has no idea about being good and calm around kids, so a home without kids is probably a good idea as he can knock them down.
    As Oliver is still just a puppy, a family with the time and patience to work with him with lots of exercise and good direction (would be good for him to get some obedience training) would be best for him as he has had none of that so far, and a tired puppy is a good puppy and can help in the training to lead to a well behaved dog! A fenced in yard is probably a great idea for this guy or a family committed to taking him to day care to get his energy out daily!
    By all accounts, when you get past the energy, Tito is a sweet playful boy looking for some structure and a chance in a forever home! That is NOT to much to ask!
    If you are interested in Oliver, please complete an adoption application: http://grrand.org/adoption-process/