Norman Adopted!


Age:2 years
Breed:Great Pyr
Intake date:10/08/2020
Post date:10/19/2020
Big Norman…
  • 2Good with other dogs
Norman is a beautiful, 2 year old pure Great Pyrenees (puppy) who has been maintained as an outdoor dog in a barn. He was given up by former owners who reportedly had numerous dogs and after his owner became ill, wasn’t interested in caring for all the dogs. Norman has been with dogs, and sheep, but he is unsettled at the kennel and has jumped over a 4’ fence. Norman will need a family who is willing to work with him as he has been through a lot.
After getting Norman in, we have learned that he can jump over a 4’ fence and probably a 6’ chain linked fence (almost got over one at the dog park before he was caught by his tail and brought back down). Norman is house trained and seems to be trustworthy indoors, but he desperately wants to have a person all to himself that he doesn’t need to share with any other person or pets. We are looking for a home for Norman with a single adult who can make him the only pet. Although he can scale fences, we think he won’t feel the need to do so if his person is with him outside at all times. If you are a single adult who is young and active enough to give Norman sufficient exercise, he will be totally devoted to you.

Norman has been with us since early October and he’s a sweet, big, 100lbs+ boy!
To KNOW the Great Pyr breed is to love the Great Pyr breed… We feel if you are interested in Norman, some research should be done on the breed first!!! (They are not Goldens!!!!)!