No Tent for Camper – She’s Home Now!


Camper and Mable













Note from GRRAND:  Camper was found living on a campground.  The camp counselor was returning to college and didn’t want to leave her behind.  She contacted GRRAND and the rest of the story follows…


We just wanted to update you on Camper (formerly known as June). She fits in our family like she has been there all along. She is a cuddle bug and loves watching Ninja Warrior with the family. Camper is very protective of Mary Ellen…our son came home late one night, and it wasn’t until she heard Luke’s voice that she quit barking!

She loves the back porch and watching the horses. She is learning to walk on a leash and meet the neighbors.  Camper did well recovering from her ticks, tapeworm and spaying surgery.

Her best friend is our daughter’s dog, Mable (see below). She visits often and has taught Camper how to climb steps, get on the couch and do “lazy wrestling” (they both are very submissive when they play-mostly just lay on their backs and tug on the same toy). Camper and Annie (our 13 year-old cat) are still getting to know each other but Annie likes Camper’s gentle nature.

Thank you for setting up our meeting and thank you to the young lady who found her.  It’s like our 2 previous goldens sent her to us. Please thank everyone who cared for her. She is loved by everyone!

In appreciation,
Scott & Mary Ellen Robertson…and Camper