Gloria Needs A Home

Age:13 years
Intake date:3/08/2019
Post date:3/09/2019
Oh Gloria… We are so glad you are with us…
    Gloria is 13 years old and was turned into a rural shelter after she was found as a stray. We are so thankful they contacted us so we can give her the medical attention and love she needs. Gloria is not is a good way medically as she has a bad ear infection, has issues with her eyes, hearing, and skin. She has arthritis so moves gingerly, but she is an absolute sweet heart.
    She is currently getting the medical attention she needs and if you would like to help GRRAND with her vet bills, please click the DONATION tab on the home page of the website.
    She is being treated for her issues and of course GRRAND will continue to cover all vet bills. We don’t know how much time sweet Gloria has and are really hoping we can get her in to a loving home, out of the kennel for her twilight days. Can you help?

    We will update you as we learn more about Gloria…