GRRAND Central Station Office and Kennel Opens


GRRAND is thrilled to announce the opening of the GRRAND Central Station kennel facility on August 16th, 2021! For a bit of historic background, in 2016 Ellen Leslie graciously donated to GRRAND the property and buildings of the former Vine Crest Kennels located in Lyndon, Kentucky. In 2017, following a few upgrades, the facility was opened for our rescue dogs. We quickly recognized that maintaining a property of this size was costly and coordinating volunteers to always ensure a presence for the dogs was sometimes difficult. Our desire was to devote our full resources to the rescue of dogs but now we were committed to the addition of a secondary role to operate and maintain a kennel facility.

Enter The Pet Station Country Club. In September 2019, GRRAND announced an incredible partnership to embark on a mutually beneficial partnership venture with The Pet Station Country Club. After months of planning, GRRAND agreed to lease the GRRAND Central Station kennel property to them. In exchange, they have built a beautiful new facility, including kennel space for our dogs, and their staff will assume the responsibility of maintaining the care of our rescue dogs.

GRRAND’s new facility will have:

  • office space that will become our new GRRAND headquarters
  • bathing and grooming space
  • 10 state of the art kennel runs, including 2 for isolation and puppies
  • grass yard for kenneled dogs
  • play yard designated for GRRAND dogs
  • walking path
  • pool area designated for GRRAND to be used for dog exercise, hydrotherapy, and fun

We will be hosting a GRRAND Opening Ceremony sometime in October and hope to see you there! Watch for more news on the actual date.

Note:  GRRAND’s office and kennel space in the picture above is on the right side of the photograph behind the fence.  There is a sidewalk leading to our portion of the building.

We are always looking for volunteers to work at GRRAND Central Station!

Volunteer at GRRAND’s Kennel

Donations for kennel maintenance and supplies are welcome too!

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