Moose & Sonny: What a Pair and a Perfect Match!

We adopted Moose (Michael) over 18 months ago from GRRAND.  In December we decided to adopt Sonny as well. Thank you GRRAND for our beloved boys.  We have 3 daughters and and now the 2 boys.  These boys are the best dogs and they are truly wonderful with our youngest daughters (both toddlers).  Our girls adore them and are always snuggling and playing with them.  They have infinite patience with the girls but also love to wrestle with each other. Moose is our goofy and playful 2 year old and Sonny (or sweet Sonny as we call him) is our gentle old soul.  Every time I walk by Sonny I have to give him a hug because he is just so huggable.

We love adopting from GRRAND because you provide so much knowledge ahead of time.  We know exactly what we were getting with each of the boys, especially Sonny. His foster mom Stephanie is an angel in disguise.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Rohrbacher Family