Moose Finds His Perfect Forever Home!

Thank you GRRAND for finding Moose for our family (he was named Michael while at GRRAND).  Our initial preference was for an older dog but Diane asked us if we would consider fostering this beautiful puppy to get him out of the kennel.  (He is the handsome pale yellow lab and Golden mix who had a head injury that caused him to leave one ear up and one down and to tilt his head but he is as healthy as can be).

Moose has been an angel for us and we couldn’t ask for a sweeter guy to be a part of our family.  He is as happy as can be and loves being around other dogs.  He loves his 3 human sisters and is an absolute sweetheart despite two toddlers using him as their jungle gym.  Moose goes to doggie daycare two days a week and enjoys the dog park whenever this Ohio weather allows.

Moose and our oldest daughter, Rory, are inseparable.  They are the best of friends and he has a smile on his face whenever he is with her.  He usually prefers to sleep in her bed, but as long as he’s snuggling with someone he is content.

Thank you GRRAND.  We didn’t know we wanted Moose but now we can’t imagine our lives without him.

John and Ashley