Mindy Adopted!


Age:7 years
Breed:Golden/Lab Mix
Intake date:12/07/2019
Post date:12/09/2019
  • 1Good with children
  • 2Good with other dogs
  • 4House trained
  • 6Laid back
here is what our volunteers have to say about Mindy…

Oh my!!! Mindy is just an outstanding dog!!! She is so sweet and just loved to ride in the van and wanted to go with us when we left the kennel. This honey is house trained but needs a bath in the worst way as she is stinky! (NOT ANYMORE!)
This girl is quite a gem and will make a fabulous companion for a lucky family!
Mindy was turned into GRRAND at no fault of her own… She is dog friendly and said to be kid friendly. She knows a few basic commands and is just a real sweet girl.