Millie-#4886 Needs A Home

Age:2 years
Intake date:3/01/2019
Post date:3/03/2019
Meet beautiful Miss Millie…
    Millie has come a long way this last couple of weeks at the kennel and we are really hoping we can get her into a foster home ASAP!

    We discovered she’d been confined by an electric fence, but it doesn’t seem like she was correctly trained and consequently kept running through it, getting shocked in the process. As a result she was extremely sensitive about anyone touching her head or neck. Since being at the kennel, working with the kennel staff and volunteers, she is regaining her trust and doing much better and we are so very proud of her!

    She is a strong dog not who is not well trained yet on leash manners so her foster/adopter will need to know how to handle a big dog on leash. She also wants to chase every squirrel she sees… But that’s all trainable with the right people, time, love and patience. We think it would be best for Millie to go to an adult only household, or a home that has older kids who know who to respect a dog.

    Millie is a beautiful girl who deserves a second chance with someone willing to invest that time and love in to her. She will pay it back in spades!

    Millie can NOT go to a home that has an invisible fenced yard. If you would like to meet this beautiful girl, please contact