Millie-#4886 Needs A Home

Age:2 years
Intake date:3/01/2019
Post date:7/18/2019
FOSTER HOME NEEDED!!!! Meet beautiful Miss Millie…
    Millie has come a long way this last couple of months with her trainer, and we are so proud of her as her transformation is just amazing, and we are really hoping we can get her into a foster home ASAP!

    Millie is the most sweet and loving dog… she has been working with a trainer for a couple months now, and we believe she was very misunderstood. She is just a love bug and defines the word ‘LEANER’… you start loving on her, and it is OVER! She will lean on you until you stop, and even then, she doesn’t want to leave.
    Millie can go to a home with other dogs, but only big dogs… No dogs under 20lbs. She is currently working on food management and a dog savvy family with no kids under the age of 10 would be best.
    Millie was un-trusting of people and with TLC and training, she has regained her trust in people. Millie is a beautiful girl who deserves a second chance with someone willing to invest that time and love in to her. She will pay it back in spades as she has SO much love to give!!!

    Millie can NOT go to a home that has an invisible fenced yard. If you would like to meet this beautiful girl, please contact