Merlin Had a Perfect Vision of Love – He Will be Missed



Merlin Zeidenstein’
Birthday February 15, 2007
Passed Away April 4, 2019

Merlin was a wonderful dog. We adopted Merlin from GRRAND nearly 10 years ago. At the time, you might recall reading about a rescued golden that suffered from a degenerative eye problem and was in need of eye surgery. The dog’s name was Archie. Shortly after we adopted Archie, we were stopped by many people saying that they had donated money to help Archie regain his eyesight. That Archie became our beloved Merlin. He was helped by so many.

Due to all the surgeries that Merlin experienced to keep his eyes, he was prone to contracting glaucoma. So, it wasn’t long after we adopted him that we were told his right eye would need to be removed. He lived happily with one eye for a long time. Unfortunately, about 2 years ago, Merlin had to have his left eye removed. Believe it or not, he was still a very happy doggy!! He managed to get around quite nicely, and we still enjoyed every day with him. When we would visit his favorite dog park, everyone would look out for Merlin. They were amazed how well he managed to get around the park without any eyesight.

Merlin passed away in April, and his “brother” who suffered from kidney disease, passed away 8 weeks later. We think Arthur missed his Merlin just as much as we did.

Thank you, Merlin, for all the love you gave us!! We miss you!!