Sweet Mazy Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

We rescued our sweet golden Mazy in January of 2012.  She had a rough life before she came to us.  She had been used as a bait dog in a pit-bull fighting ring. She went from there to a homeless man who sat in front of Kroger’s with her panhandling.  When GRRAND got involved, she was sent to the prison rehabilitation in La Grange.  She came to us after 11 months in training.  Because of her earlier experience in the dog fighting ring she was dog aggressive.  That meant she had to be sheltered from any contact with other dogs.  We were blessed with having her for almost 7 years.  Sadly, she succumbed to lymphoma on September 1.  After searching for another golden we were placed with Sonny.  He is turning out to be a sweet boy that we can hopefully cherish for a long time to come.