Lady Needs A Home

Age:5 years
Breed:Lab/Border Collie
Intake date:8/28/2019
Post date:9/02/2019
FOSTER HOME NEEDED: Lady will need a special home for recuperation…
  • 1Good with children
  • 2Good with other dogs
Sad story (they mostly are) but Lady’s family have to turn her in.

She is a 5 year old lab/collie mix, 50 lbs, house trained, good with other dogs and older children. She loves playing ball and will do so for hours!

Unfortunately Lady has a torn ACL. GRRAND will pay for the operation, but we need a long-term foster for her recovery.

It will involve leash walking only and crated unless tethered to the foster. It takes approximately 4 months from surgery to end of rehab. The vet will give instructions on how to gradually increase activity over the upcoming weeks. An appointment will be scheduled to sedate her and do radiography at approximately the 2 month period to make sure the plate is positioned correctly. Then they will give additional instructions on increasing exercise up to the 4 month recheck. Lady will be weight bearing immediately after surgery. There are no bandages or cast. She will be in a cone until the 14 day recheck.

It won’t work if you have lively dogs or small children. This is going to take a special person to see this poor girl through rehab..