Kroger Community Reward Program


(Note:  If you don’t re-enroll during the month of August you will be dropped from the program on September 1st!!!)

Are you using your Kroger Plus Card to support GRRAND through the Kroger Community Rewards Program?  If so, it’s time to re-enroll!  If you haven’t enrolled yet, it’s a great time to begin supporting GRRAND through the Kroger Community Rewards Program!

In order continue supporting GRRAND, when you use your Kroger Plus Card, you must re-enroll in Community Rewards sometime in August  (August 1-31).  If you are already supporting GRRAND through this program you will receive an email reminder from Kroger in early August with a link to re-enroll.

If you don’t re-enroll in August, you will drop from the Community Rewards Program on September 1st, until you re-enroll.

How to RE-ENROLL in Kroger Community Rewards (if currently participating)

  • Go to
  • Click the blue Sign In tab at top of the page.
  • Enter your email address and password and click the blue Sign In tab.
  • From the department menu, click Community, then Community Rewards
  • From Community Rewards, click on the Edit or Re-enroll button.
  • Then,
    a. Find Organization    (Search by keyword (Golden) or nonprofit organization number (#10572)
    b.  Select Organization (Click the button to the left of the organization)
    c.  Save your Selection (Click the Save button to save your selection.)
  • Call 1-800-KROGERS, Option #3, with questions.

Help us keep the rewards coming to GRRAND by re-enrolling your Kroger Plus Card in the Kroger Community Rewards Program!  All of the GRRAND fur children want to say Thank You for your continued support!

kroger comm card rewardsYou can benefit GRRAND simply by shopping at your favorite neighborhood Kroger store.  The new Kroger Community Reward Fundraising Program allows each household to earn up to $300 per quarter for GRRAND.
Here’s how it works…



Kroger Community Rewards Program – You must enroll online!  

Previously, members had to swipe a designated Kroger gift card to pay for items and get credit for an organization. Now, the company will link a designated charity to a shopper’s existing Kroger Plus account, and customers won’t have to use a specific gift card. 

See the instructions below to sign up for the new Kroger Community Reward program that went into effect on September 1, 2014.  You will continue to receive all of the usual discounts and fuel points, and at the same you can help GRRAND simply by shopping at Kroger.  Kroger customers may designate only one charity per household at a time, but can easily change that charity anytime online at or by calling 1-800-576-4377, option No. 3.

Please review the instructions below based on your geographic location.  Those in the Cincinnati/Dayton, and Northern Kentucky have an additional step to take in order to participate in this program. 

Instructions for Kentucky Division of Kroger stores (does not include Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati/Dayton)

  1. You will need to ‘Create an Account’ at, if you haven’t already  done so.
    – Be sure to select your ‘Preferred Store’.
    – Click on the ‘Register’ box and complete your ‘Sign In Information’ and Click the ‘Create Account’ button.
    – Add your Kroger Plus Card to your account.
  2. Enroll your Kroger Plus Card in the Community Rewards program.
    – Click on the ‘Community’ link on the Kroger homepage.
    – Click on Kroger Community Rewards.
    – Click on ‘Enroll Now’.
    – Find GRRAND as your organization by entering ‘10572’, and click Save.
  3. Confirm GRRAND is now linked to your Kroger Plus Card.

You can also click on ‘My Account’, after you ‘Sign In’ and select ‘Account  Summary’ to review the info you entered and confirm GRRAND is linked to your Kroger Plus card.


Instructions for Cincinnati Division of Kroger stores (includes Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati/Dayton)

– Follow the instructions for Louisville and note that there is one ‘critical’ change for you – Your ‘Preferred Store’ will need to be a Louisville, Ky store.

– Click on ‘Find a Store’,  Enter ‘Louisville, Ky’,  Select a store located in Louisville, Ky as your ‘Preferred Store’.

If you have any questions you can contact GRRAND by email via the ‘About GRRAND – Contact’ page or call Kroger community rewards for assistance 800-576-4377 option 3 for community rewards program to speak to a customer service representative.

Thank You from all of the GRRAND fur children for your past support of the Kroger Gift Card program and your future support of the Kroger Community Rewards program to benefit GRRAND.