Judy Adopted!


Age:4 years
Intake date:9/29/2017
Post date:9/05/2017
Adoption pending! Yay!
    The name I was given by GRRAND when I landed in America from Turkey was “Judy”. My wonderful foster parents are now calling me “Pumpkin” and I’m growing to like that better. I am a very pretty, sweet, petite girl, and I’m told by my foster family that I’m also very smart. I’ve got loads of personality and just LOVE toys and balls!! When you throw something for me to retrieve, I hurry to capture it and then quickly flip over on my back and play with my toy between my front paws, upside down! I am crate trained, but really don’t need to be crated because I’ve never had an accident in the house and I’ve proved to my foster parents that I can be trusted, left unsupervised, as long as I’m allowed to rest on a couch. I walk well on leash, until I see a squirrel or rabbit that needs to be chased, and I get along well with my foster brother who is a big red Golden. Since I’ve never had toys or bones before, I get a little jealous of my foster brother if he tries to take things from me, but I’m learning to share. You see… when I lived on the streets in Turkey, I had to squabble for everything, even for food to eat, so I learned to try to protect what was mine. Now that I’m in America, there seems to be plenty of everything for me and for my brother. That is an amazing thing! My foster family feels that I could go to a home with another dog, but might be happier in a home where I was the only one and could have all the toys and people attention for myself. I could also go to a home with an invisible fence, but would need to be well-trained to the system, because I really get excited when I see a squirrel and want to catch it! Therefore, an above ground fence might work better for me. I was promised a wonderful forever home when I left Turkey and I know my family is out there somewhere. If you think you might have room in your home and heart for me, I am waiting to meet you!

    Please remember the adoption fee for the Turkey Goldens is $650.