Joey Adopted!


Age:3 years
Breed:Golden/Pyr Mix
Intake date:5/08/2018
Post date:5/10/2018
    This is one great dog…
    Joey is a beautiful, super sweet, and loving Great Pyr/Golden Mix who has just about melted everyone’s hearts that he has met so far – from his transporters, to the clients waiting at the vet’s office, to the vet techs and the vet himself! Joey is gentle and loves people and he knows the sit and paw command. He loves to sit right next to you and put his paw on your lap while you pet him. (typical Velcro Boy!)
    Sadly Joey has a burn mark around his neck… we do not know what happened to his neck, but the vet suspects a once-embedded collar. It is healing nicely and there is no treatment necessary, but he should not be walked with a leash attached to his collar until it is completely healed. GRRAND purchased a purple harness for Joey and it fits him perfectly and he is so so handsome in it!
    The first family that meets him is going to fall in LOVE!!! Joey has the most beautiful eyes and the photos do not do him any justice! Let’s try to find Joey a loving home ASAP!