Jessie Was the Perfect Dog for Raymond

All I can say is you people did an outstanding job putting me together with Jessie.  I adopted her from you July 1, 2015.  The only thing you could tell me is she came from Lexington Ky, was 7 years old and was always an outside dog and hated storms.  The storms were correct.  She went crazy when a storm was here.  She learned to be OK during a storm and it could have been she was a little hard of hearing.  She was a total inside dog at my house and never had a accident in my home.  It’s hard to believe she lived outside before coming to me.  You would have felt she was my dog from a pup we became very close went everywhere together.  She helped me get thru losing my wife earlier that year.

Well on October 26th 2018 I lost her, she developed a cough and I had her checked with my vet.  He found a spot on her lung.  I took her to a specialist here in Indianapolis to have a full body scan.  The spot was cancer.  She had surgery and all went well but  about a week or so after she had a stroke in my home.  I thought she died on the spot but took her to my vet.  She did OK but was now blind.  They suggested an MRI of her brain which I did and found many tumors on her brain.  I had to put her down as she was in pain and would never be herself again.  I really wanted her to make it but it wasn’t to be, I do miss her.  Thanks for making her part of my life.

Raymond Green