In Memory of our Beloved Cotton

We are enclosing a check in memory of our beloved Cotton.  When Cotton came in he was known as Colin.  We believe he was found in Lexington.  He was a special needs dog and went to Sharon Gretsinger’s home.  He was approximately 6 years old.  Sharon worked with him for 4 months to get him ready for the real world.  It is our understanding that two families took him home but he was returned.

We had seven other Goldens prior to Cotton.  We knew the Golden personality well. Poor Cotton, he was terrified of everything.  Cotton did not like women and therefore did not like Susie.  Cotton growled, snarled, and brought his fangs out.  Susie was determined not to give up on him.  We took him to Dr. Edlin at East Louisville Animal Hospital.  Dr. Edlin recommended that we take him to Dr. Amy Pike, a vet that specialized in animal behavior.  Dr. Pike helped us tremendously.

All of Cotton’s ribs and left front leg had been broken.  He always limped and we feel he was always in pain.  It took us a year to get him to walk all the way around the pond at Hutchinson Park on River Road.  We were never able to take him out the front door and take him for a walk.  He was too scared.  We had hardwood floors and had to put runners down for him to walk.  He had a bed in every room.  He went from bed to bed.  It took him a year and a half to play with toys.  We never saw him run.

We moved a year ago to Bluff, UT.  Cotton was a champion on the four-day trip across country.  We only had to give him one Trazadone a day.  He blossomed in the west.  We believe he felt much better.  The average humidity is around 7%.  He still limped.  The last 6 months Cotton did not growl at Susie.  Cotton had four good years.  We had four unbelievable years.

Thank you for all you do for the abused dogs.

Rick and Susie Bell