Henry Cravens Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge


A Found Blessing – A Peaceful Ending
Henry Cravens
July 4, 2004 (circa)  March 9, 2020
All dogs go to Heaven.

Two years after we adopted Molly, a GRRAND golden, in 2004, we decided that she needed a buddy to play with other than our two house cats. On October 18, 2006, we welcomed into our home a GRRAND Golden Chow mix we named HENRY, aka Hunter #8. We were told that Henry was probably 2 years old. So we gave him the same birthday as Molly, July 4, 2004.

They immediately became best buddies. Molly was a very active dog and Henry was very laid back. We thought Henry’s demeanor would rub off on Molly. The exact opposite happened. They both became very active brother and sister. They loved running, rolling around and wrestling in the yard.

In 2007, we moved to Augusta, GA. Our neighborhood is a very dog friendly place. Henry knew every dog and cat that walked by the house. Dog owners would call out to Henry as they walked by. The FedEx driver would throw a large dog biscuit to Henry as he drove by. Henry eventually expected that when a box truck would drive by he would get a dog biscuit. He would especially get excited when the big white FedEx truck came by.

As is often the case with goldens, Henry started to have trouble with his hind legs. He developed arthritis in his hips, and his leg muscles began to atrophy. He then developed kidney issues. However none of this slowed him down. When he turned 15 years old, all his joint issues began to show. Getting up became an issue. Walking on hard wood floors was almost impossible. We put carpet runners everywhere.

One evening as he was heading to the laundry room for his dinner, his left hind leg slipped out from under him and he hit the floor hard. After that he was not able to get up or stand for any period of time.

We then knew it was time to bring in our friend Dr. Sunday from Lap of Love, a Veterinary Hospice & In Home Euthanasia service. We had used their services when Molly had reached her time to be set free. It was a very peaceful and dignified way to bid farewell to a very special GRRAND boy.

As we wrote when Molly was set free, we do not have the words to express how we feel about GRRAND and Lap of Love. Two organizations that bring about unmeasurable love and peacefulness during beginning and end of life.

We have been blessed to have had  Molly and Henry in our lives.

Bill and Janet Cravens.