GRRAND Turkey Goldens Rescue Update





The TD4s, Judy, Vince, Ellen, Cody and Robert, will arrive in Louisville in early October.  With their arrival, GRRAND has rescued 18 Golden Retrievers from Istanbul since May 2016!

If you would like to help support this rescue mission, please consider making a donation to our Turkey Golden Fund!  The rescue costs, including airfare, overnight boarding, and vet fees, typically amount to $2,000 per dog.  Donations of any amount will help us give these dogs a better life.  You can contribute to the Turkey Goldens Fund online!

Our fall 2017 rescued Turkey Dogs:

Ellen is a five-year old female from a shelter in Mugla, where she spent more than a year. She has been spayed in the shelter.  As she has lived with many dogs, Ellen is very friendly with all dogs, but can be afraid of humans. She will need time to trust humans.

Robert is a two-year old male Golden found in the forest and presently living in an open space shelter with many other dogs. His hair was much shorter when found and is growing now.  He is very friendly, tries to hug anyone who comes near him, and wants desperately to jump in a car and leave.

Cody is a two-year old male from a shelter in Istanbul.  He is very social, friendly, energetic, and loves to play.

Judy is a four- to five-year-old female from the same Mugla shelter as Ellen.  Judy is very social and friendly.

Vince is a two-year old male found on a road going to a seaside village on the Black Sea.  Afraid of the cars, Vince tried to hide behind bushes at first, but then entered the rescuer’s car.  Vince has been neutered and is very social.

Fall 2017 Turkey Golden Rescue Dogs