GRRAND by the Numbers


Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at GRRAND?  

In 1996, when GRRAND became a rescue organization, we placed 37 abandoned dogs.  We’ve come a long way since that time and in 2018 we rescued and placed 226 dogs.  Since 1996, GRRAND has found homes for more than 5014 dogs.

Rescue Changes – In 2014, our local shelters had fewer Golden Retrievers for GRRAND to place.  At that time we were able to open our rescue efforts to other breeds including labradors, doodles, and mixes.  Today a little less than half of our rescues are mixed breeds.

Adoption Averages – In an average month we care for approximately 25-30 dogs in our program waiting for adoption.  We place 15-20 dogs a month in adoptive homes.

Foster Averages – In an average month we have approximately 26 dogs housed in volunteer foster homes to assess their temperament, love them and prepare them for adoption.

Major Volunteer Activities – GRRAND has an incredible number of volunteers who perform all the tasks necessary from intake to adoption and follow-up.  From the moment of intake to the point of adoption, approximately 30 specific actions are required to rescue one dog.  During a typical month GRRAND volunteers:

  • Walk 2-5 dogs at GRRAND’s kennel 60 times a month, rain or shine
  • Make approximately 60 trips to the vet
  • Drive over 2,500 miles transporting dogs
  • Make over 900 phone calls to screen applicants, contact references, show dogs and follow up with new adoptive families
  • Screen 40-50 adoption applications
  • Conduct 40-50 home visits for potential adoptive homes

GRRAND Intakes & Outcomes for Calendar Year 2020:

Asilomar Annual Live Release Rate – Calculation for community or coalition: Adoptions + Return to Owner/Guardian divided by Total Outcomes excluding all outgoing transfers, owner/guardian requested euthanasia (unhealthy and untreatable), and dogs and cats that died or were lost in the shelter/care.  (179)/(179+1)*100=99.44

If you are interested in becoming a valued volunteer for GRRAND visit our 
volunteer opportunities page and check out all the activities in which you can become involved.  We are always looking for those special people who have a heart for animals and these incredible rescued dogs.

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GRRAND is a 501(c)(3) organization registered with the Commonwealth of Kentucky.