Gordon Adopted!


Age:1 year
Intake date:10/30/2019
Post date:10/30/2019
  • 2Good with other dogs
  • 5Knows some basic commands
  • 4House trained
Say hello to Gordon… He is being turned into GRRAND as his people have decided they do not have the time to give him the attention that he needs.
Gordon has LOTS of puppy energy and will need a home that can offer him the direction and exercise he needs to be a good boy. He will need a patient family who can work with him through some issues especially jumping… He is like a bulldozer in the home so a home with little ones might not be best for him. This boy can NOT go to a home with an invisible fenced in yard as he just blasts right through the zap and doesn’t care. Gordon will need to go to a home that can really work with him on training and direction as he has not had any in his short life. He is a very active boy and will need a family that can give him the exercise and mental stimulation he needs to be a tired and good boy!
Please check back later for more info on Gordon…