Goldie Needs A Home

Age:11 years
Intake date:3/28/2019
Post date:3/30/2019
We have a sweet senior in Hospice care…
    Our sweet girl Goldie has been through a lot and is just really lucky to have found a foster home where she can just relax and get lots of love and attention! Animal control brought her to a shelter and they called us, so really, we do not know much about her other than what was determined by the shelter:
    They say she was probably bred non-stop and she has 2 very large tumors, her teeth are not in the best of shape and her hearing is not the best. It is unanimous that Goldie is just the sweetest girl with lots of love to give to you. She gets along well with other dogs and walks well on leash. Our beautiful girl may have a little bit of arthritis going on, but she gets along pretty well and is said to be very happy and peppy!
    Goldie is very low maintenance, but she had to fend for herself for a while and so she does do some resource guarding of her food, but with work and love, she will be just fine in no time.
    We are having her tumors looked at, and they can safely be removed, so GRRAND will pay the expenses and this happens mid April.
    ?We have learned that one of her large tumors has mast cells in it (cancer) and it has likely spread to her mammary glands. The vet is recommending removal of the largest mass, but no spay and just palliative care for her going forward.
    If you would like to assist in her vet care, please click the Donate tab on the website.