Gentle Soul, Missy Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

It is with a heavy heart I write.

I lost Missy on September 15th.  The large, aggressive tumor in her stomach appeared very suddenly.   It was the largest of several others that  came out of nowhere to catch us all by surprise.

I first met Missy in November of 2011 when I was picking up my dog from daycare at East Point.   She was in the parking lot with the transport team bringing her from the Harrison County shelter.   They had not even made it in the door yet for her initial intake examination, and I knew I had to have her.

Missy was the best dog one could ever hope to stumble upon.   She was a cool weather dog who loved to roll in leaves and dig her nose in the snow.   She was a loving and gentle soul and she is deeply missed.

With tears in my eyes as I write,

Kimberley K.,