Gabe Needs A Home

Age:3 years
Intake date:4/08/2019
Post date:11/07/2019
Hello to Gabe… Gabe is a Turkey dog from the last group we took in and he is DESPERATE for a FOSTER HOME!!
  • 4House trained
Gabe is a beautiful 3 yr old boy that GRRAND rescued from Turkey last spring… He was rescued from one of the very worst forests in Turkey where dogs are dumped and expected to survive on their own. He went to a loving home for a few months, but his family was unable to provide for his needs over time so Gabe was returned to GRRAND. Due to his past of having to fend for himself, Gabe is prone to have a strong prey drive and needs a home with an above ground fence and without small animals. (including small dogs) Gabe gets along very well with other medium to large breed dogs and was submissive to the alpha male golden in his former home. We believe he would do well in a home with or without another dog. He is house trained, trustworthy indoors, used to lounging on the couch and sleeping on the bed, is very sweet and loving toward his family, and gets along well with other male or female dogs his size. Ideally, we would love to find Gabe a family willing to work with him on training and GRRAND is willing to initiate this at our cost in order to help Gabe and his new owners get off to a great start. We desperately don’t want Gabe to spend extended time in the kennel. He has had an awful life in Turkey and was promised a wonderful new life in America, but this has yet to become a reality for this sweet boy. If you would be willing to consider providing Gabe with either a foster or adoptive home, please submit the application and we will process it quickly.