Franklin Adopted!


Age:2 years
Breed:Lab Mix
Intake date:9/01/2019
Post date:9/11/2019
Meet Franklin… CLICK FOR UPDATE!
  • 2Good with other dogs
  • 3Good with cats
Franklin is officially out of quarantine, so we wanted to give his fans an update!

Franklin is approximately 2 years old and came to us as a stray with severe mange and wounds from an animal attack. Luckily, he has been getting great medical care and great love and care from his fosters, and he is on the mend!

Here is that his fosters say
‘He is good with other dogs. He is big, and he wants to play (was too big for four month old Molly, but fine with the 55 lbs dog we have).

His only friend in quarantine was our weird barn cat. He was not aggressive with her. Tolerated her rubbing on him, BUT, he did want to play (again, a little rough for a 10 lbs cat), so she put him in his place! He did not offer to chase her.’

Despite whatever he has gone through in his past, Franklin seems to love people. As noted, he also seems to be good with other dogs, although his size may make him a little too much for the little ones! He did also meet a barn cat and wanted to play (again, he’s probably a little too big to play with a cat!), but he also tolerated her rubbing on him.

Franklin still has some recheck appointments and vaccination/neutering appointments to go through, but if you think you may be interested in meeting him, please get started now with an adoption application:

Sept 4…
Meet Franklin!! This sweet guy is approximately 2 years old, and he is now safely with GRRAND getting treatment for all of his wounds.

See, Franklin was found in the same area where we’ve recently gotten a few dogs in poor condition. He is dealing with a bad case of both sarcoptic and demodex mange, an ear infection, a sore shoulder, and on top of that, he seems to have been attacked by another animal while he was a stray. He is currently going through scrapings, antibiotics, steroids, wound cleanings, medicated baths, and so much more.

And yet, Franklin is still a sweetheart. He is very gentle, very polite with treats, sits on command, and rides beautifully in the car. He knows and uses a doggy door and has not had an accident in his confinement area.

Franklin’s vet bills are piling up quickly, and that’s before we have started vaccines or neutering. If you can help, please click on the GoFundMe link below to donate directly to Franklin’s care. It’s going to be a little while before this baby is ready for his forever home, but we can’t wait to show off his improvement!