Foster Process

They need you…

Thank you for considering the opportunity to foster one of GRRAND’s rescued dogs. We are incredibly grateful for folks like you who care deeply about the welfare of displaced dogs and are willing to provide respite for them until a forever home is found.  As a foster family you will be working with the dog to build his/her confidence; improve basic obedience; pursue vet care for any illnesses; and demonstrate, perhaps for the first time what a loving relationship is all about.  This is a huge responsibility but also an awesome opportunity to make a positive difference in the life of a displaced dog.

Before submitting your application to become a foster home, have a look at the Foster FAQ’s that might relate to your situation.  This information is important because we hold to these policies for the safety of our dogs and your family.


Foster Requirements FAQ’s

Do you accept foster families from any geographic location?
What is GRRAND’s fencing policy?
What is your policy on foster homes with young children?
If I foster a GRRAND dog what are my responsibilities?
What responsibilities are off limits for me?
What are GRRAND’s responsibilities for dogs in foster homes?
What if I decide I want to adopt my foster dog?
What is foster to adopt?
Is GRRAND looking for foster homes?
Why is your foster application the same as your adoption application?

Foster Application Process

Your application will be reviewed as quickly as possible.  Please notify your references that a GRRAND representative will be contacting them soon.  Once the application is reviewed, a volunteer will contact you to set up a home visit.  During this 1-hour visit, the GRRAND representative will share information about fostering and answer any questions you may have.  The Foster Coordinator will be in touch with you following the home visit to discuss your application and potential dogs matching your needs and family lifestyle.

NOTEDue to the onset of winter and the rise in COVID cases, GRRAND is needing to implement our spring COVID policies with regard to home visits.  Virtual Home Visits via Facetime will be conducted with adult households or with families with children at least 10 yrs old and volunteers will then travel to the families’ homes to inspect fences and drop off the contracts and Home Visit Packets.  Home visits with families that have children under the age of 10 will need to be postponed until they can be conducted in person.  This would either mean that the COVID crisis has passed or that warm weather allows the visit to be conducted outside on a porch or patio at the applicant’s home.  Outside, in-person home visits may also be conducted with adult households, in lieu of a virtual home visit, at the discretion of home visit volunteers and adoptive families, weather-permitting.  We do ask that if an in-person home visit is conducted, all family members and GRRAND volunteers would wear masks.

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