Foster Application

Thank you for considering the option to foster one of GRRAND’s rescued dogs. We are incredibly grateful for folks like you who care deeply about the welfare of displaced dogs and are willing to provide respite for them until a forever home is found.  As a foster family you will be working with the dog to build his/her confidence; improve basic obedience; pursue vet care for any illnesses; and demonstrate, perhaps for the first time what a loving relationship is all about.  This is a huge responsibility but also an awesome opportunity to make a positive difference in the life of a displaced dog.

Before submitting your application for fostering, review the information below to ensure that you are ready, willing and able to provide a fostering environment for a GRRAND dog in need.

Foster Requirements

As a foster family you will be required to provide:

  • dog food unless a special veterinary diet is required;
  • daily exercise;
  • basic obedience training;
  • transportation to the GRRAND vet if authorized and scheduled by a GRRAND representative;
  • GRRAND Fence Policy
  • access (in or away from your home) to show the dog to prospective adoptive families approved by GRRAND;
  • updated and accurate information about the dog for the GRRAND website; and
  • full disclosure about the dog’s temperament and characteristics to prospective adoptive families

Our foster policy will not allow a foster family to:

  • offer the dog for adoption to anyone who is not approved by GRRAND;
  • subject the dog to harmful or dangerous situations (off lead in unfenced areas, unsupervised outside when not home, riding in the car with windows down, etc.); and
  • set up vet appointments for the dog

Additional Information and Requirements for GRRAND’s Foster Program

  • Geographic Placement Areas:  GRRAND policies require an in-home visit by a trained GRRAND volunteer prior to adoption and follow-up after placement. We can only serve areas where our volunteers live and are able to provide this type of pre and post-adoption support. While the specific cities that we serve is dependent on our volunteer base, we are currently accepting applications from:

    *Greater Louisville, KY (including adjacent southern Indiana)

    *Greater Lexington, KY

    *Ohio Counties:  Hamilton, Butler, Warren, Clermont, Montgomery, and Green

    *Northern KY Counties:  Boone, Kenton, and Campbell

  • Experienced GRRAND volunteers will provide ongoing support to foster families for medical or behavioral concerns that may arise.
  • GRRAND will make all arrangements and pay fees for veterinary services.
  • GRRAND will pay for special diet veterinary food if necessary.
  • A GRRAND representative will work with the foster family to approve/decline a site visit with potential adopters.  If approved, the potential adopter will contact the foster family to arrange the time and place to meet.
  • The foster may decline an adoptive family that is not perceived to be an appropriate match for their foster dog.
  • The foster family has the first right to adopt their foster dog, but this decision must be made prior to the dog being offered to another family for adoption.

If fostering sounds like the niche for you, fill out the online application below.  If you prefer to mail your foster application, print the Foster Application and mail to GRRAND, P.O.Box 6132, Louisville, KY 40206.  Prior to fostering one of GRRAND’s dogs you will be required to complete and submit the Foster Agreement Form.

Privacy Statement – It is GRRAND’s policy to maintain confidentiality over your information. We will not sell, rent or give your information to any other company or organization.

Foster Application

    Contact Information

  • Employment

  • Consideration

  • Household

  • Current & Past Pets

  • Enter all requested veterinary clinic information for your current dog or cat. If you don't have a dog/cat currently, enter all of the information for your previous dog/cat. If you have never had a dog/cat, enter NA in the Name of Veterinary Clinic box. We cannot process your application without all of the information concerning your veterinary clinic.
  • References

  • Use the space below to list three references along with area code and phone numbers. Your application cannot be processed until we have made contact with your references. In order to expedite the processing of your application, please provide references who can be easily reached and who have been informed that they will be receiving a call from GRRAND volunteers on your behalf. NOTE: YOU MAY NOT USE THE FOLLOWING AS REFERENCES: (1) YOUR VETERINARIAN, (2) MORE THAN ONE FAMILY MEMBER, (3) ANYONE ELSE LIVING IN YOUR RESIDENCE.
  • Comments

  • Is all required information complete?

  • After you click "Submit My Application", you should see the message, "Your application has been sent". If this message does not appear, please check your application for missing information.