Fletcher Adopted!


Age:18 mos
Breed:Golden mix
Intake date:11/18/2017
Post date:11/19/2017
Adoption Pending
  • 2Good with other dogs
This is Fletcher! Fletcher came to GRRAND as an owner surrender. His owner became ill and could no longer care for him. His owner adopted him from a shelter when he was not quite one year old. Now he is about 2. Despite his moving around, Fletcher is a very sweet-natured little boy. He currently weighs 41 pounds and is at 22 inches at the shoulder. Fletcher is a smart boy but he hasn’t been trained in what we might think of as usual commands. He has just about mastered “sit” on command. He knows “lie down”. He is learning not to jump up when meeting new people. Fletcher has outgrown his puppy chewing and doesn’t bother anything in the house. He doesn’t like the crate but goes in and sleeps when we have to be away. (But we don’t leave any of our dogs over 3 hours). This is really done because otherwise he would play with his 2-yr old foster sibling and the two of them (just like kids) often don’t know when to stop!! He is very good with other dogs but has not been cat-tested and I would not assume that he would be okay. He needs adequate time to play and run during the day because he is young and energetic. Once he has expended his energy he is laid-back. He just wants to be near his people always and be loved on, which is a typical Golden characteristic. He is very good in the car and on-leash. Fletcher is a Golden-mix. He has the “eyeliner” around his beautiful eyes and freckles on his nose. His coat is very soft and is a pretty yellow-gold and white. He is a very handsome boy. He will do best where there is someone home a lot to give him the care and love he deserves.