Finley Adopted!


Age:1 year
Breed:Golden Doodle
Intake date:4/20/2019
Post date:6/23/2019
  • 2Good with other dogs
  • 4House trained
Finley is a wonderful 18 month old Golden Doodle. He is house and crate trained and is generally trustworthy indoors, as long as he has a bone to chew. Finley is good with other dogs and is active and playful. He has a lot of energy and therefore needs a lot of exercise. Finley is not the typical doodle in that people who are allergic to dogs have been found to be allergic to him. He doesn’t shed excessively, is very affectionate and will sit for hours with his person as long as he is being petted. Finley loves car rides and is looking for an active family, with a fenced yard, who can engage him in lots of outdoor adventures. He is being given up by his owners because they moved from their home with a fence to a condo without a fenced yard.