Eri Adopted!


Age:1 mos
Intake date:7/11/2020
Post date:9/08/2020
    Eri, his mommy and 8 siblings were found in a barn in Cinti and GRRAND stepped in to help. Even though there is not much Golden in them (we do NOT know their mix), they are all still adorable puppies who are needing a loving home. As with ALL puppies, these kiddos will need a home that has the time and patience to work with a puppy. They are lots of work as when little, they need to go out on a non-stop basis, they chew on things and just get into everything they shouldn’t get into! With that said, someone home most of the day or who has a very flexible schedule will be best. It is up to their people to give them the exercise (a tired puppy is a good puppy) and direction they will need to grow up to be a good an well behaved doggie! They will love you back and give you lots of kisses with their sweet puppy breath!

    Please contact GRRAND and fill out an app if you are interested in adopting one of these puppies!