Duck Adopted!


Age:1 year
Intake date:5/10/2018
Post date:5/15/2018
    Well, we are really hoping to do right by Duck as this little guy has been from home to home and the last one not being much of a home at all. He has really been through a lot in the short 15 months of his life and it is so sad. He came to GRRAND in horrible condition… hair missing, hot spots, very skinny… just sheer signs of neglect. We have found out he has a horrible yeast infection in his skin, is 15-20 lbs underweight, and is mostly blind… Duck has very limited vision. He can see changes in light, but not much else. Because Duck has adapted so well to his vision loss (his hearing and sense of smell are impressive), it’s hard to tell that he cannot see as he gets along very well. We aren’t sure if the loss of sight is due to the fungal infection or if it is congenital, but this is a sad case. Through all of this, Duck is very sweet and loving and is in need of some serious TLC!
    As we learn more, we will post about Duck, but in the man time, if you are interested in meeting this sweet boy, and offering him the loving home he so deserves, please fill out an app at right away!