Dory Adopted!


Age:3 years
Breed:Great Pyr Mix
Intake date:8/28/2019
Post date:12/02/2019
    Hello, my name is Dory and I am a Great Pyrenees/Labrador Retriever mix. I was born on January 30, 2015, and I came to live with my foster family on September 1, 2019. My life between my birthday and my rescue is a bit of a mystery, but I know I was left alone outside for much of my recent life.

    Since coming to my foster home, I have grown a beautiful coat, and have learned manners and enjoyment of toys. I am a very gentle girl, and my favorite activity is being petted, and snuggling on the floor with my family. I love going to the dog park nearby and enjoy being there with other dogs. I don’t roll around in the mud or engage in aggressive behavior like I have seen a few other dogs do. I prefer just walking with my foster mom around the inside perimeter, where we both get exercise.

    My perfect home would have a fenced in yard with someone to play with, so that I wouldn’t feel alone. I like routine, and am very easily adaptable to new situations. I eat 1 1/2 C. of food twice a day, and my mom mixes in cottage cheese with it (to help my bones be strong). I do have a bit of “separation anxiety”, which my trainer says is not unusual. My crate keeps me safe when my people are away for short periods. I love eating Kong-stuffed treats while they are gone!

    My foster mom says she has never had a more loving and beautiful girl, which makes me feel special. I hope I can find people who will love the hugs, friendliness, and loyalty that I can give. My family says I am “aDORYable”!