Intake date:11/22/2019
Post date:11/07/2019
DOGS COMING IN FROM CHINA! Saved from meat market… click here to read more!
    As you may have heard at the GRRAND Affair, we have big news: later this month, we will be bringing 3 dogs from the China meat market into GRRAND!

    Over the past 25 years, GRRAND has worked very hard to rescue and rehabilitate the dogs in our area, going beyond Goldens and Golden mixes to labs, Pyrenees, and more. The support of our volunteers and our community has allowed us to give a better life to all of these babies, as well as to expand our efforts internationally to even more dogs in need.

    We have been working with a rescue group for the last several years in their efforts to rescue dogs who have been abandoned by the hundreds on the streets of Turkey. And now, we are proud to continue supporting their efforts as they bring in 5 dogs from China.

    By now, you’ve likely heard of the dog meat trade in countries such as South Korea and China, where dog farms exist to raise and sell dog meat, but where family pets are also stolen for this purpose. Because of all of you, we at GRRAND are able to be part of the change, and we have joined the rescue efforts to save these dogs from a horrible fate.

    Earlier this year, we brought in our first dog from the meat trade, Hope. Later this month, we are excited to welcome 3 more Goldens, traveling the long journey from China. When they arrive, we hope to be able to place them into foster and adoptive homes as quickly as possible.

    If you are interested in fostering or adopting one of these dogs, please complete your application now. We will be confirming which of the dogs are coming to GRRAND shortly, but we have been told all 5 are young, (approximately 2-3 years old with one possibly being 6-7 months old), good with people and good with other dogs. We have no information on cats or kids at this time.

    Please understand that we are only able to work with applicants in our current service areas of Greater Louisville, Greater Lexington, and Greater Cincinnati (including adjacent Indiana areas) and Dayton.

    We will share more information on the three new members of our GRRAND family as we received it!