Daisy Adopted!


Age:1 year
Intake date:9/10/2018
Post date:10/02/2018
    Domino is a two year-old male Goldendoodle and Daisy is a one year old female goldendoodle. They are being surrendered from Louisville. The current owner is 70-years old and she has osteoporosis and cannot risk a fall. When she purchased these dogs, her 40-year-old son lived with her, but he has since relocated to another state for work. She has a very small backyard and it is difficult for her to walk them together. She feels very guilty that she cannot give them the exercise and play time they need. She would love to see them go with a younger family with a big backyard that can play with them and walk them together.

    Domino and Daisy are from the same breeder and have the same father. Their father is a standard poodle. Their mothers are half poodle and half golden. These dogs are very well taken care of. They are up to date on vaccines and they have been spayed and neutered. Domino was just groomed on 9/13/18.

    They have polar opposite personalities. Domino is quiet, smart, and serious. Daisy is like a little kid – bouncing around and always ready to play. Both dogs sleep in bed with their owner at night. She does not crate either dog. They are both trustworthy in her home. When she leaves, she does close the doors to her bedrooms and keeps them blocked in the kitchen and dining room area – a very large area. Once when she was at a friend’s house and they were going out to dinner, her friend asked her to put Daisy in a crate. Daisy went hysterical and starting foaming at the mouth. The owner swore she would never crate her again and she does not want a new family to crate them either.

    The owner describes the pair as amazing, wonderful dogs that are both great with children. They have an above-ground fenced yard.