Cooper Adopted!


Age:6 mos
Breed:Retriever Mix
Intake date:10/01/2019
Post date:3/05/2020
    Cooper is a happy, energetic, and affectionate puppy! He is still learning but he knows his basic commands (sit, (lie) down, leave it, stay, come) and is improving on the leash. He loves to run and jump and explore but he also enjoys cuddling on the easy chair with one of his humans. He is fascinated by music and whistling and he likes visitors but is still learning not to greet them by jumping up. Cooper is still just a puppy, so sometimes gets too excited in new situations but he attends well and learns quickly. His mother is a retriever mix and his father is unknown… and the result is a cute, unique dog with a reddish coat and white markings on his tail, forehead, collar and feet!! He is simply handsome! Cooper is a good puppy and with some more training and exercise, he will be a wonderful dog. His new family will need to be fully committed to giving him lots of exercise and direction as puppies need LOTS of both! He thrives on attention and will be a loyal member of his new family! If you would like to meet Cooper, please contact GRRAND right away!