Critical Care Dogs

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Critical care dogs are rescued Goldens that require specialized, emergency medical care, or are identified as unadoptable due to a terminal illness, incapacitation, or aggressive behavior discovered after the dog has been rescued.  For the latter, GRRAND cares for these dogs with the help of experienced foster families who provide needed medication, comfort, and love until they pass over the Rainbow Bridge. As you can imagine, care for these dogs, including vet care and medications, can be quite costly.

We’ve established a fund for our critical care dogs and wish to highlight their stories on this page. As you read through these difficult stories, please consider donating to the Critical Care Fund. With your help and the dedication of our experienced foster families, we hope to create a compassionate atmosphere for each dog that would otherwise experience a sad ending.  The donation form is at the bottom of this page.





At just five months old, it’s hard to imagine what little Michael and his sister Janet have endured in their short lives.  GRRAND rescued Michael and Janet, a very bonded pair, from a rural shelter after they had been found as strays.  Michael appears to have some type of neurological disorder, as his head is always cocked, and he has trouble at times walking straight.  We recently took Michael to see a neurologist at Metropolitan to try to figure out what is going on.  Without an MRI and spinal tap, it will be impossible to know for sure and to develop a treatment protocol.  Both diagnostic procedures are quite expensive, and will cost more than $2,000.  GRRAND is committed to helping Michael, and we will schedule the MRI and Spinal Tap very soon so the specialist can diagnose Michael’s condition.  Donations would be so appreciated to help us cover rising medical costs.  GRRAND has rescued so many dogs that require specialized medical attention, a common reason these dogs find themselves on the streets as strays or dumped at a shelter.  We would be grateful for any financial support you can provide to help us help Michael’s life improve.




Seven-year-old Golden Sadie #26 is currently in a foster home and available for adoption, but we are sad to report that she was recently diagnosed with a torn ACL in her left back leg and will require ACL repair surgery.  Sadie is just as sweet as can be, and we hate to see her in pain.  Her surgery will be scheduled very soon with Metropolitan Veterinary Specialists.  ACL repair surgery is a very expensive procedure that will require hospitalization and follow-up care.  Contributing to the Critical Care fund will help GRRAND pay for Sadie’s surgery, and help other critical care dogs in need.  Donations are greatly appreciated.  Without your generous support, GRRAND would be unable to rescue and rehabilitate dogs that require medical attention.  We will keep you posted on Sadie’s surgery and her rehabilitation.




On July 23, GRRAND rescued a six-week-old, black lab puppy named Raisin from a KY kill shelter.  This little boy was too young for the kennel, but luckily GRRAND had a family that could take him in immediately.  Raisin weighed just five pounds at intake, was recovering from kennel cough, and was also on Parvo watch.  Sadly, within two weeks of intake, Raisin began exhibiting symptoms associated with Parvo, and he was diagnosed with the viral illness on August 4.  Raisin is now receiving emergency care at Metropolitan Veterinary Specialists and we are hopeful that he can make a full recovery.  These next few days will be critical. Raisin will receive aggressive supportive care to control his symptoms and to boost his immune system to help him win the battle against this scary disease.  This intensive treatment will be expensive, and donations are greatly appreciated.

UPDATE:  After receiving emergency care, little Raisin improved and he was released from the hospital!  We are so happy for this little boy.  He is now doing well with his new family. Thank you to everyone who helped contribute to his care so that he could fight Parvo and win!




Please help June with a much needed donation.

My name is June and I’m a very sweet, beautiful 6-month-old Golden Retriever who needs your help! I was adopted as a puppy with my litter mate into a loving home, but when I started having mobility issues, my family took me to the vet and they were told that I have severe hip dysplasia and will need surgery for both hips. My family was crushed and couldn’t afford my surgery. They contacted my breeder and the response was that I should be euthanized. I love life and really want to get better, so my family contacted GRRAND and asked if they could help. GRRAND has taken me in and my records have been forwarded to an orthopedic specialist in Louisville. He has responded to GRRAND that I will need surgery on both hips and this needs to be done simultaneously! The cost of my surgery will be approximately $5,000.

GRRAND is looking for donations to help pay for my medical care, but they are also looking for an adoptive home in Louisville that could take me in and see me through my recovery.  Please consider contributing to my surgeries so I can get well soon and be on my way to a healthy life!

Update:  June underwent bilateral FHO surgery and is now recovering in a foster home.




We are sad to share that James, a very sweet three-year-old Flat Coat Retriever, has been diagnosed with cancer.  James came to GRRAND in May from a rural shelter as a stray.  On intake, our GRRAND volunteers noticed a golf-ball sized lump on his side. James was taken to our vets to grade the tumor and see if it could be removed, or if it had spread.  Unfortunately, we did not receive the news we were hoping for.  James was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer), and he is terminal.

Luckily, James has been placed in hospice care with one of GRRAND’s wonderful foster families.  He is not in pain, and we intend to make sure that James does not suffer.  He will be surrounded by a loving, doting family that will take the absolute best care of him.


Lannis is a 1-2 year old female Flat Coat Retriever mix who came to GRRAND as a stray.  When we first met this little beauty, she was limping quite a bit, and x-rays revealed that there is a bullet lodged in her leg. Who could do such a thing to this great little dog?!

Lannis is resting and allowing her leg to heal in a foster home.  New x-rays will be taken and the orthopedic surgeon will evaluate whether surgery is recommended to remove the bullet.  If you would like to help, please consider making a donation to help cover the cost of her medical care.  Checks can also be mailed to GRRAND, PO Box 6132, Louisville, KY 40206.  Please write Lannis’ name in the memo line.




GRRAND Critical Care Donation

  • Contributions to this fund will be used to treat critical care GRRAND dogs that are identified as unadoptable due to a terminal illness, incapacitation, or aggressive behavior discovered after the dog has been rescued. While a small number of these dogs can be re-evaluated and later deemed adoptable, most of them remain in their foster homes for the remainder of their life. GRRAND cares for these dogs with the help of experienced foster families who provide needed medication, comfort and love until they pass over the Rainbow Bridge.