Critical Care/End of Life Dogs

CCdog in bed2Critical care dogs are rescued Goldens that require specialized, emergency medical care, or are identified as unadoptable due to a terminal illness, incapacitation, or aggressive behavior discovered after the dog has been rescued.  For the latter, GRRAND cares for these dogs with the help of experienced foster families who provide needed medication, comfort, and love until they pass over the Rainbow Bridge. As you can imagine, care for these dogs, including vet care and medications, can be quite costly.

We’ve established a fund for our critical care dogs and wish to highlight their stories on this page. As you read through these difficult stories, please consider donating to the Critical Care/End of Life fund. With your help and the dedication of our experienced foster families, we hope to create a compassionate atmosphere for each dog that would otherwise experience a sad ending.




UPDATE ON BELLA:  Sadly, Bella had to be euthanized this morning.  She was very uncomfortable and her diagnosis was very poor for recovery.

If you wish to donate for her vet bill please click on the button below.

Donate for Bella’s Medical Expenses     

GRRAND recently rescued Bella and she is currently in foster care.  A mass has been found in her kidney area and she is now going through extensive testing to determine if surgery is required.  Yesterday she underwent:

  • blood work to check kidney values
  • chest x-rays to make sure nothing has spread to her lungs
  • U/A to make sure she has not developed an infection
  • IV catheter to begin supportive care with fluids

The rough estimate for Bella’s care this weekend is $1,500 to $2,000.




This senior girl just made her way from Bowling Green to Louisville and is now at the vet’s office.  She is a sweet senior that we believe was dumped in a rural area in Edmonton County. She is underweight.  When she was found, she was eating trash!  It is hard for her to walk and stand and sit, and she will need pain relief to help her aching joints.  She also has a tick borne disease called Ehrlichiosis, and we do not know how long she has had this disease.  Florence also has an irregular heartbeat and a heart murmur.  She will need chest x-rays, spine and hips x-rays, medication to treat Ehrlichiosis, medication to help control her pain, and more.  Her medical costs will be extensive.  Please help us provide comfort and healing for Florence.





Lola’s vet specialist said the removal of her large tumor may give her increased quality time, so the decision was made to remove the tumor.  A portion of the excision was sent for testing to determine if the tumor is cancerous.  The surgery was extremely difficult and at times the vet was concerned that she would not survive.  Thanks to the surgeon’s great hands and many prayers she survived and is now recovering with her loving foster family.

Lola’s surgery was quite expensive and GRRAND is looking for donations to offset that cost.  Thank you so much for your support!




Smitty, a ten-year old Golden, was surrendered with Poncho in early June.  Smitty had not seen a vet in several years.  His teeth were in bad shape and we suspected that Smitty was in pain from dental disease.  Smitty was scheduled for a dental cleaning and ended up having to have SEVENTEEN teeth extracted!  What we originally thought was going to be a relatively simple dental cleaning turned into a three hour procedure.  Smitty had infection in his bones and roots that was causing him severe pain.  Smitty’s extensive dental work cost over $1,200.  Smitty’s foster reports that he is feeling so much better and that he is even eating better. There’s no telling how long Smitty was suffering.  Much of his panting was due to the pain that he was in.  His foster mom said Smitty rarely pants now.  Please help GRRAND with a donation for his procedure.