Chip Adopted!


Age:2 years
Breed:Flat Coat/Lab Mix
Intake date:6/23/2019
Post date:2/28/2020
  • 4House trained
  • 1Good with children
  • 2Good with other dogs
Chip is a cutie pie and a very loving little guy (prob about 45-50lbs) who has come to us from a shelter in KY. Chip is in a foster home but is desperately looking for his forever family. He is full of energy and love and has a happy wiggly butt! He gets along great with other dogs and since he is still just a pup, he will need a home that can give him the exercise and direction he needs to be a good boy. He loves to go to the park and play with other dogs! He is so sweet with not a mean bone in his body and we need to find him his family and he will appreciate it bunches!!!

Here are a few things we have received from his foster family…

-Very attached to people and dogs he is acquainted with. Follows you from room to room all day. Very affectionate. Loves to lay next to you and get belly rubs; loves physical contact.
-Is not fearful of thunder but vacuum cleaners are distrusted.
-Does well traveling in vehicles as long as he can ride shotgun. Usually curls up to nap after he figures out where he is going. Currently travels to Wags Dog Park for a full day of socializing and exercise three days a week.
-Does not resource guard with dogs he is familiar with. Often leaves food in his bowl to eat later. Would be good if he went to a home with a calm alpha leader dog who could control his excitable temperment. Chip would not be a good alpha leader as he is too excitable and frantic to be the leader, but is very friendly!

If you would like to meet Chip, please contact GRRAND and fill out an app online.