Adopting a Turkey Golden

Turkey Golden Adoption Requirements:
No kids under 6 years of age;
An above-ground fence;
Someone must be in the home with the dog during part of the day; and
Applications will only be accepted from our geographic placement areas shown below:

  • Greater Louisville, KY (including adjacent southern Indiana)
  • Greater Lexington, KY
  • Ohio Counties:  Hamilton, Butler, Warren, Clermont, Montgomery, Green, Clinton, Adams, and Brown
  • Northern KY Counties:  Boone, Kenton, and Campbell
  • Eastern Dearborn in Indiana

All new Turkey Goldens are fostered together for a period of time to be evaluated, nurtured, and eventually presented for adoption.  The adoption fee is $650.  Anyone interested in adopting a Turkey Golden must complete an application (even if one is already on file), and note the following under the “Comments” section near the bottom of the application, “TURKEY GOLDEN APPLICATION.”  We ask for your patience as our goal is to find the very best homes for these deserving Goldens who have been through so much.

GRRAND Turkey Golden Rescue Hall of Fame


About Turkey Golden Rescue

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Turkey Golden Facts

  • Adopt-A-Golden Atlanta (AGA) was the first Golden Retriever Rescue in the U.S. to coordinate the international rescue of Goldens from Istanbul, Turkey. The first plane arrived on May 9, 2015, with 36 “Turkey Dogs.”
  • Since May 2015, 1,000 Turkey Dogs have been rescued.
  • Yasemin Baban, a resident of Turkey, is the key coordinator for the Turkey Golden program and is instrumental in facilitating the international rescues.  She has spent the past 13 years rescuing Goldens from the streets and forests of Istanbul.
  • GRRAND is one of 19 Golden Retriever Rescues across the US that have rescued these dogs brought over from Turkey.

The Turkey Golden Story

Sadly, there are many homeless dogs in Turkey, and not enough room in the shelters for all of them.  Dogs in Turkey either live out their lives in a shelter, or are put back on the streets after they are spayed or neutered.  According to a recent CNN report, estimates of the number of street dogs in Istanbul alone range from 70,000 to 150,000.  Hundreds of these abandoned dogs are Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retrievers in Istanbul were once considered status symbols.  When their numbers increased and popularity waned, however, residents began dumping Goldens when they were no longer puppies.  These Goldens end up roaming the streets and forests of Istanbul.  With few shelters available, Goldens starve or become prey to feral pack dogs.  Unlike typical stray dogs that know how to navigate the streets, find food, and fight for space, this gentle breed simply isn’t equipped to survive.

In 2015, a Golden Retriever rescue group out of Atlanta began to work on a solution to help the plight of abandoned Goldens in Istanbul.  In May 2015, Adopt a Golden Atlanta (AGA) spearheaded the first U.S. rescue effort and arranged for a flight to bring 36 Golden Retrievers living in Istanbul shelters to Atlanta.  Thanks to their incredible efforts, many other Golden rescue groups across the country have joined AGA to save more homeless and abandoned dogs in Istanbul, including rescues in AL, CA, CO, FL, NJ, MN, MO, NY, OK, TN, TX, VA, and Canada.

In January 2015, GRRAND was contacted by Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota, the rescue group that coordinates the Midwest effort.  GRRAND board members began to learn more about the situation in Istanbul and assess whether GRRAND could help.  After much research and consultation, the board of directors voted unanimously to join the rescue coalition.

AGA developed an incredible infrastructure and refined the process to bring these dogs to the United States via humane, nonstop flights.  Before leaving Turkey, all the dogs receive medical exams, health certificates and passports.  Upon arrival in the United States, pre-screened rescue groups bring them to their home locations.  The rescue costs, including airfare, overnight boarding, and vet fees typically amount to $2,000 per dog.

To contribute to GRRAND’s Turkey Golden rescue mission, just click on any of the pups below and fly to our donation page!

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GRRAND Turkey Goldens Rescue Update





The TD4s, BenjiJudy, Vince, Ellen, Cody and Robert, arrived safely in Louisville on September 30.  With their arrival, GRRAND has rescued 19 Golden Retrievers from Istanbul since May 2016!

If you would like to help support this rescue mission, please consider making a donation to our Turkey Golden Fund!  The rescue costs, including airfare, overnight boarding, and vet fees, typically amount to $2,000 per dog.  Donations of any amount will help us give these dogs a better life.  You can contribute to the Turkey Goldens Fund online!

Our fall 2017 rescued Turkey Dogs:

Benji is a three-year old male found living in front of a butcher shop in Turkey.  He was in deplorable condition, but rescuers brought him to a vet to receive treatment, and raised funds for Benji to stay in a pet hotel for six months.  When funds ran out, Benji had to return to the streets.  Angels from the U.S. raised money to allow Benji to go back to a shelter as he waited patiently for a home. Then he received the news he would be coming to America to find a home with GRRAND!  He was personally transported from Istanbul to America by a volunteer from Turkey who cared for him for nearly two years.

Ellen is a five-year old female from a shelter in Mugla, where she spent more than a year. She has been spayed in the shelter.  As she has lived with many dogs, Ellen is very friendly with all dogs, but can be afraid of humans. She will need time to trust humans.

Robert is a two-year old male Golden found in the forest and presently living in an open space shelter with many other dogs. His hair was much shorter when found and is growing now.  He is very friendly, tries to hug anyone who comes near him, and wants desperately to jump in a car and leave.

Cody is a two-year old male from a shelter in Istanbul.  He is very social, friendly, energetic, and loves to play.

Judy is a four- to five-year-old female from the same Mugla shelter as Ellen.  Judy is very social and friendly.

Vince is a two-year old male found on a road going to a seaside village on the Black Sea.  Afraid of the cars, Vince tried to hide behind bushes at first, but then entered the rescuer’s car.  Vince has been neutered and is very social.

Fall 2017 Turkey Golden Rescue Dogs