Max.newbeginnings5.6.17Hi GRRAND, I think of you often and am forever greatfull that you linked me up with Max some 4 1/2 years ago. He continues to be one of the real joys in my life. Thanks again to you and GRRAND. As you can see, Max enjoys hoarding his tennis balls.

John Bouchard
Fairborn, Ohio

Pappy (previously “Kendall”) Finds the Perfect Home!

Pappy and Murphy at rest.

Pappy and Murphy at rest.

My husband Jake and I were blessed to be able to adopt Pappy (named Kendall on the website). Chuck and Barb Hickey were his foster parents. They did a wonderful job with him. He is such a sweet boy. He and our 3.5 year old Golden, Murphy, have hit it off well. Pappy kind of does what he wants, and Murphy respects his elders.  Pappy is 10 years old. We just love the senior dogs. I know

Pappy is Happy!

Pappy is Happy!

they aren’t always the first chosen when it comes to adopting, but having Pappy in our family brings us so much joy for however long we are lucky enough to have him.

Christina, Jake, Murphy, and Pappy  Church

Molly and Henry Livin’ the Life

pic on left pic on rightJanet & I adopted Molly, aka MaKayla, GRRAND tag # 1008 in October, 2004.  She was a 3 month old Golden / Irish Setter mix.  Her puppy photo graced GRRAND’s web page for many years. She is the pup with the red bandana.  Molly had a broken left femur bone, just below the joint ball.  The vet advised that it may heal on it’s own.  After 7 months it was determined that the broken area had healed, however, her knee cap area had become misaligned because of her favoring the hip joint.  The knee cap would pop out of alignment, and she would have to sit for it to realign. Molly went through 2 surgeries to correct this issue.  She came thorough  both surgeries just fine, and could run and romp with the best of them.  When Molly turned 2 years old, we decided that she need a buddy to romp and play with.

In October of 2006, we adopted Henry, aka Hunter #8, GRRAND tag # 1688.  Henry was a 2 year old (estimated age) Golden / Chow mix who was found running the highways of West Virginia. He was turned over to GRRAND and found his way to our home. Henry is our “Velcro” dog.  He will never leave your side as long as there is physical contact.

Molly and Henry hit if off immediately. Each respected the other’s space. And they romped and played endlessly.

In July of 2007, we relocated to our present home in Augusta, GA.  Molly and Henry adapted very well.  We live in a dog community.  There are endless numbers of dog walkers that travel by our home, and the dogs are in constant communication.

As the years have passed, (both are now 12 years old) Molly’s left hip and knee have developed arthritis.  With the aid of medication, she is able to get around, however is not as active as she would like. Henry is having difficulty getting up after lying down for a long period. They both however think they are still young. They enjoy their two walks a day, watching all the dogs parade by the house, and most of all just laying around in the sunny yard.

We are indebted to GRRAND for providing these two wonderful family members to us.

1st Photo – Both enjoying a roll in the grass.Molly on the left, Henry on right

2nd Photo – Molly on the left, Henry on the right.

Thanks, for all GRRAND does,

Janet & Bill Cravens


Louie (Forrest) Loves New Home & Family!


Merry Christmas GRRAND! Wanted to give you a little update on Louie formerly known as Forrest.  He has done fantastic, so good that I have to remind myself he has only been here a little less than a month so everything is new and he is still learning. A big thanks to Sharon for working with him.  He actually walks much better than our Ruby who we have had since she was a pup.(not saying much for our training skills :).  He gets along great with Ruby, she is happy with her new brother and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks again for all you do for these wonderful dogs.

Kim and JR Peters