Lilly and Tyler Pass Over the Rainbow Bridge

We are sad but proud to share our memorials of our recent losses. Lilly crossed the Rainbow Bridge last month, and Tyler just last week.

We can’t say how much all our guys have touched our lives. We look forward to another addition to our lives.

Gib and Judy Peters


Lilly – October 18, 2008 – March 6, 2020

Lilly joined our family at age 8, in September of 2016. We called her our “flower” because she was such a beautiful girl with amazing, big brown eyes. She was such a wonderful companion, and had a perfect personality. When outside and enjoying walks, she was an athlete, walking quickly and with great determination. When she was ready to return, though, she’d let you know! Inside, she was a calm sweetie, and her “Mom” was definitely her favorite two-legger. Lilly always followed her to the door, and waited patiently for her return, always greeting everyone who came in with love and enthusiasm. She had her routines and favorite activities – every night she’d chase her tail (always catching it), and then roll over for as many belly rubs as she could con out of you. She loved chasing her tennis ball, catching it on the first bounce, and carrying it on her walks. And she could find “needy” tennis balls on walks like nobody’s business. Our sweet girl passed away at age 11 on March 6. The happiness and love and memories she brought to our lives will be with us always.


Tyler – January 26, 2005 – April 10, 2020

We first met Tyler when he was three. Seeking a companion for our yellow Lab, Cusko, Tyler came bounding into our lives, literally. During our home introduction, he ran into our house, did a non-stop drive-by snatch of a cat toy on the floor, and jumped right onto our couch. That clinched it for us all – we had found our new forever companions! Over the course of the next 12 years, Tyler was a faithful, loving and ever-caring family member. He was always vocal, he “danced” and barked for breakfast and dinner in his excitement, and was always happy. If you were really lucky, he might occasion you with a soft kiss on the hand – but he was very selective with those sweet gifts! He was quite the charmer and he knew just how to get what he wanted – and he always succeeded. And importantly, he helped our other sweet dogs cross their Rainbow Bridges – being with them till their ends. Sadly, we lost Tyler at the age of 15 on April 10, 2020.  He gave us his all until the end.  He will forever be in our hearts.


Josh Crosses Over the Rainbow Bridge

When I brought Josh home in November of 2013, no one knew that he had blastomycosis. My vet soon diagnosed him, and we were in for a long 16 months of treatment and recovery, to include about 20 days hospitalization at Medvet Cincinnati. But he did recover, and we’ve had a wonderful time together. On the 13th last week, we returned to Medvet for what turned out to be emergency surgery to remove his spleen, which had a mass on it that had ruptured. There were days that were touch and go, but I was finally able to bring him home this past Saturday. Sadly, Sunday morning he collapsed and died. I have to believe that all he wanted to do was get home, see me, and then cross over. Josh was so loved, and I miss him terribly. Rest in peace, my Honey Bear.

Annie Sweetheart Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

“Annie Bannanie” through the seasons…


Our hearts are broken today, as we had to say goodbye to our sweet girl, Annie. She was our girl for 12 of her 14 years. She was a little shy at the beginning, but blossomed into the sweetest, most loving companion. She loved to play in the yard, and had excellent hearing. If she was outside, she could hear the treat cabinet open, from the far side of the backyard—and would be at the door in seconds.

She never meet a person she did not love to get to know. She was always ready to make new friends, and had a lot of them—both with two feet and four. Dog and human friends from all over would stop by to say hello and share a treat.

Besides Ruth and myself, her favorite and best buddy, was our red Golden, Charlie. We know she is running and playing with him in doggie heaven at this very minute.

Annie will be missed by Ruth, Larry, and cat buddies Max and Lilly, as well as many other friends. Years ago, a neighbor’s grandson called her “Annie Sweetheart.” That name stuck, as her sweet disposition was ever-present.

We love you and miss you with all our hearts “Annie Bannanie!”

The Nix Family


Sweet, Smiling Megan Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Megan was born on February 20, 2007.  She found her forever home with us on May 23, 2009.  Although her name became Megan, she could have been named Buffy because of her beautiful blond hair.  Megan’s sweet face always seemed to be smiling, particularly when she was on her back with her belly being rubbed.  Megan died on March 25, 2020.  We already miss her so much but know that we will see her soon in Heaven with the rest of our forever puppies.

My Best Friend Arnie, Crosses the Rainbow Bridge


Arnie joined our family in November 2007 and left us on January 18, 2020 crossing over that Rainbow Bridge quietly, but with dignity and pride.  Arnie and Ruby are together again, passing only 3 months apart.

Arnie finally succumbed to his arthritis in his hips and spine. He fought valiantly and showed us what courage is.  Arnie was 13 ½ years old, and brought us happiness, joy and a sense of completeness in the 12 yrs. with our family.  His passing has left us with a large void.

The love and devotion that dogs bring us is unconditional and Arnie had a heart the size of Texas. He was a master beggar, loved his stuffed dolphin Daisy and always wanted to be with us.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to know and fall in love with Arnie.
The Wieland Family