Beloved Breeze Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Breeze (named Harley before adoption)
Passed – October 16, 2018
Adopted by Selvitelle family in March 2010

We lost our beloved Breeze on October 16, 2018 to cancer.  He was a loving, sixty pound lapdog whose departure left us with huge holes in our hearts.  We will always remember and miss him and the special joy he brought into our lives.

Mike and Shelly S.

Gunner Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

We adopted Gunner on August 3, 2009.  We lost this sweet old gentleman on 10/8/18, two months shy of his 13th birthday.  He was a good boy and we loved him dearly.

Bob and Kathy Murphy
Beavercreek, OH

Beloved Harper Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Here is a photo of my beloved Golden,  Harper, who found his forever home with me in August 2011 when he was five.  He was my constant and dearest companion until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge March 2, 2018. He touched the heart of everyone he met. He will forever be in my heart.

Hank Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Just wanted to share that I lost this sweet boy Hank on 1/5/19, due to an aggressive tumor on his leg, and spleen. We adopted him from GRRAND in April 2015, after losing our 14 year old Golden, Jake the previous month. We saw Hank, and knew he would have a hard time finding a forever home at age 10, so we had the pleasure of making him part of our family. He brought us much joy, for the nearly 4 years we had him. Thank you GRRAND for everything you do for these special dogs.

Sandy H.

Jessie Was the Perfect Dog for Raymond

All I can say is you people did an outstanding job putting me together with Jessie.  I adopted her from you July 1, 2015.  The only thing you could tell me is she came from Lexington Ky, was 7 years old and was always an outside dog and hated storms.  The storms were correct.  She went crazy when a storm was here.  She learned to be OK during a storm and it could have been she was a little hard of hearing.  She was a total inside dog at my house and never had a accident in my home.  It’s hard to believe she lived outside before coming to me.  You would have felt she was my dog from a pup we became very close went everywhere together.  She helped me get thru losing my wife earlier that year.

Well on October 26th 2018 I lost her, she developed a cough and I had her checked with my vet.  He found a spot on her lung.  I took her to a specialist here in Indianapolis to have a full body scan.  The spot was cancer.  She had surgery and all went well but  about a week or so after she had a stroke in my home.  I thought she died on the spot but took her to my vet.  She did OK but was now blind.  They suggested an MRI of her brain which I did and found many tumors on her brain.  I had to put her down as she was in pain and would never be herself again.  I really wanted her to make it but it wasn’t to be, I do miss her.  Thanks for making her part of my life.

Raymond Green