Sweet Sophie Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge



We heard about GRRAND through our Vet when our first Golden died on Thursday, Dec. 18, 2003.  Little did we know that 7 weeks later we would be adopting and bringing home a Golden puppy from GRRAND that was born on that same day.  We named her Sophie, but her birth name was Merrie, since she was born 1 week before Christmas.  We drove from Cincinnati to Louisville to pick her up.  I remember getting to the foster home and all the puppies in the litter were circling around my husband and I, except for one.  She was asleep in the bathroom.  Well, that little sleepy head was who I chose and she wound up being the most rambunctious little puppy!  Over her years with us we raised our 3 children.  She loved going for a ride in our van, walks, camping, hiking, peanut butter, cheese and popcorn.  Everyone who met and knew Sophie loved her.  She died of heart failure in our home on Thursday, Feb. 23 just before 6 PM. The pain of losing her and missing her is not easy, but knowing there are other sweet, loving dogs out there to adopt and give a home to makes it easier.

Thank You GRRAND for all that you do.

Stephanie and Charlie Moore Family

Sweet Abby Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Abby Memorial 3 2.7.17Dear GRRAND Family,

We have some sad news to share with you. Our dear sweet Abby girl, formerly known as Melanie #2, passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, January 6, 2017. She was diagnosed with aggressive nasal Cancer the beginning of August so we are very grateful she was with us for five more months.

Our deepest thanks to Grrand for bringing Abby into our family in October 2012. She was such a kind, gentle and loving sweetheart, and brought tremendous joy to our family! We were very blessed to have her for the last 4 1/2 years. It is comforting to know that now she is enjoying romping pain free with many other Grrand Goldens.

May our darling Abby rest in peace,
Dwight and Gail Bradstreet

Chance Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

grrand dog 2 1.31.17In loving memory of my beautiful boy who I adopted in 2010 and lost his battle with cancer on October 3, 2016. He was such a sweetheart and kind soul I miss him dearly and he’s always with me in my heart. Love you baby run free.  Thank you for bringing him to me.

P Marcum

Sonny Bear Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Sonny Cook mem.1.31.17December 4, 2016, was one of the worst days of my life, because Ben and I had to let go of our precious Sonny, so that he could cross the Rainbow Bridge!

Sonny came into our lives in October 2008 as a sweet, adorable, sometimes goofy, adolescent Golden Retriever.  I had spotted him, then called “Hyatt”, on GRRAND’s website.  GRRAND had estimated that he was about 1 to 1-1/2 years old.  We knew almost instantly on meeting him that it was meant for him to join our family.  Sonny made Sonny Cook mem.added pic1.31.17some silly innocent mistakes…that I won’t go into… like any youngster!  We laugh about them now anyway!!  But with patient, positive training and lots of mutual love, he eventually evolved into a mature, absolutely wonderful and constant companion.

One thing we never had to teach Sonny was to be kind and generous!  I can’t recall ever hearing him growl!  He was lovely with children and people of all ages!  He would let other dogs, even those he’d never met before, play with his toys and chew his bones!  He’d let his canine family members sneak some of his food without reacting (in the rare case we weren’t supervising)!  He shared our attention willingly.  Resource guarding just wasn’t an issue with Sonny!

At about 4 YO, Sonny passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing and, not long afterward, passed the evaluation with me to become an Animal Ambassador with WAGS Pet Therapy of Kentucky, Inc.  He also passed the WAGS testing to be handled by a trusted family friend with whom he had a very special relationship.  Sonny had an exemplary career as a therapy dog for five years.  During that time, he visited at the ICU/CCU and the Palliative Care, Oncology, and Physical Rehabilitation Units of a large hospital.  He visited at a State mental health in-patient hospital.  He participated in a reading program for students at a JCPS middle school.  And, he participated in a WAGS program in cooperation with the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office,  Domestic Violence Unit.  In addition to his regularly scheduled visits, Sonny made many other special visits and represented WAGS at special events.  All told, Sonny made 126 visits as a WAGS Animal Ambassador therapy dog!  His service as a therapy dog even earned him an AKC Therapy Dog Title!  Sonny never met a person that he didn’t cheerfully welcome with a Golden smile and happily wagging tail!

Sonny also got to represent GRRAND on TV appearances to promote the GRRAND Affair and as a “donation dog” at the event itself.  And, he participated as a GRRAND alumnus at the Golden Retriever Specialty Show, hosted by GRRAND in Ohio a couple of years ago!

Sonny was in the process of having the best life ever!  Ben and I hoped that Sonny would be able to carry on to have many more interesting and fulfilling years of life.  But, so very sadly, it was not to be.  In March 2016, Sonny was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a malignant bone marrow cancer, when pre-surgery testing for a lumpectomy on his left hock surprisingly indicated irregularities in his blood values.  This cancer is not curable, but is very treatable.  The average survival time for dogs is 22 months.  Since Sonny was asymptomatic when he began treatment with oral chemo, we were very optimistic that he would have a good outcome.  Initially, Sonny did achieve a partial remission and had stabilized.  But, almost within a week of doing so, the cancer essentially fought back with vengeance.   Despite trying several other chemo alternatives, Sonny never was able to regain remission. Sonny had handled all of the chemo treatments well and was always his pleasant, sweet, happy self.  He never did have any significant gastrointestinal side effects or serious weight loss.  He did have some nosebleeds that eventually subsided.  In the end, though, the cancer had progressed to a point where treatment was no longer an option.

Every day we shared with Sonny was a blessing!  Ben & I both miss the love and companionship that Sonny gave to our family.  So do our other dogs — Yogi, Annie & Frankie!  I, personally, feel like a huge chunk of my heart, that Sonny once occupied, is now void!  I long to snuggle with him, to touch his soft golden coat, and gaze into his tender brown eyes!  The sense of loss is still very raw!  However, I know that as I work through my grief, the time will eventually come when all of the many happy memories of our time with Sonny will give us joy.

Rest In peace , sweet Sonny Bear!  We will all cross the Rainbow Bridge and join you one day in a better place!

May May Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

May MayMay May crossed the rainbow bridge this past Thursday, the 19th of January.  I received May May and her sister Millie from GRRAND less than a year ago.  They both were heart worm positive, desperate for love and attention.  They were cured of the heartworm thanks to GRRAND, and received attention and love wherever they went.  We were inseparable.  May May was a trooper until the end, and even then, she just knew I was doing the loving thing.

My heart is broken and Millie knows something isn’t right, but I tell her that her sister is in heaven waiting for her in the future.

Thank you GRRAND for letting me love May May for the short time I had her.

Holly Gray and Millie