Merlin Had a Perfect Vision of Love – He Will be Missed



Merlin Zeidenstein’
Birthday February 15, 2007
Passed Away April 4, 2019

Merlin was a wonderful dog. We adopted Merlin from GRRAND nearly 10 years ago. At the time, you might recall reading about a rescued golden that suffered from a degenerative eye problem and was in need of eye surgery. The dog’s name was Archie. Shortly after we adopted Archie, we were stopped by many people saying that they had donated money to help Archie regain his eyesight. That Archie became our beloved Merlin. He was helped by so many.

Due to all the surgeries that Merlin experienced to keep his eyes, he was prone to contracting glaucoma. So, it wasn’t long after we adopted him that we were told his right eye would need to be removed. He lived happily with one eye for a long time. Unfortunately, about 2 years ago, Merlin had to have his left eye removed. Believe it or not, he was still a very happy doggy!! He managed to get around quite nicely, and we still enjoyed every day with him. When we would visit his favorite dog park, everyone would look out for Merlin. They were amazed how well he managed to get around the park without any eyesight.

Merlin passed away in April, and his “brother” who suffered from kidney disease, passed away 8 weeks later. We think Arthur missed his Merlin just as much as we did.

Thank you, Merlin, for all the love you gave us!! We miss you!!

Adorable, Kind Murphy Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge


GRRAND friends,

We had to say goodbye to our adorable Murphy. He was over 14 years and we are so grateful that he was with us for most of that time. GRRAND rescued him and his siblings from a terrible puppy mill when they were 9 months old. Murphy was terrified of everyone and everything for months and then began to smile. He soon recognized that his grin made people laugh so he would grin when you asked him to. He was such a joy. He knew every one of our fosters and adoptees from GRRAND and accepted all of them with kindness. We will miss him terribly and we hope his life was golden.
Greg and Jill

Brio Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Brio came into our lives via GRAAND and the “Prison Program”  on New Year’s Eve 2009,   as best we can tell, a 2.5-3 year old “Mostly Golden” boy.   We enjoyed  9 years with this lovable pooch until he passed over the Rainbow Bridge on October 23, 2018.

Brio was the consummate companion and loved people and children, though not so much other dogs.  We miss his soulful eyes and nudges, long walks and endless fetch of the tennis ball when he was young.

In Brio’s memory, we will continue to support GRRAND and the never ending work the volunteers do and have decided to become volunteers ourselves and look forward to our next GRRAND adoption.

Brio — adopted Dec 2009 by Mary Corbett and Dennis Menezes
Passed  October 23, 2018

Sweet Miss Moby Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Our beautiful Golden Miss Moby left us on March 26, 2019. She was with us for over seven years. We were told by GRRAND that she was about seven years old when we adopted her in 2011, and that her “first life” wasn’t a very happy one. Our family, including our children, grandchildren and their dogs, gave her all the love we could for her “second life”. Her passing leaves a BIG hole in our lives: no more greetings at the family room door when we come home; no more morning walks around our rural property; no more running at the fence with a neighbor’s dog; no more stroking her deep, thick fur for stress relief (mine!). She is certainly being missed every day and will be for a long, long time! Moby, we love you!

Richard & Susan Kogler

Beautiful Zoey Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Zoey (fka Ginger) passed over the rainbow bridge on January 31, 2019 from liver cancer. She joined our family in May, 2014, along with her friend, Piper (fka Betsy). They were both surrendered through the courts after living their early lives in deplorable conditions as breeding mommas in a backyard puppy mill. After the farm was raided in subzero temperatures they spent months together in a kennel at the humane society while the case worked its way through the court system. They were released to GRRAND when the owner agreed to surrender them as part of the court settlement.

Zoey’s Golden spirit was not broken by her early life, but she did have to learn about living in a house, how to play, what a ball was, the fun of shredding a stuffed animal, tasting her first treats. Zoey was Piper’s rock, she vicariously provided confidence and courage to Piper.  Zoey loved life and her people. She was smart and silly, always with a smile. In the short 4 1/2 years she was with us she barked less than a handful of times but in all other activities she lived out loud, as if to say “here I am!”  A Velcro girl she was always touching or near a person, inserting her 83 pounds into the center of everyone’s attention. When we attended the annual GRRAND event at WAGS Park, she was too busy meeting all the people to care about the other dogs or the water.

Hard to select just one photo of our beautiful girl.  The first photo is of Zoey and Piper sharing a secret.  The second photo is of her (left) and her BFF, Piper. The third photo shows her happy face.

We all miss her dearly.
Denise Boutet, Marietta Ruedebusch & Piper