Sweet Lilly Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Our sweet Lilly passed over the rainbow bridge on Monday, Feb. 5, 2018. She had been diagnosed the previous week with lung cancer. Lilly passed away at home with her human sister lying next to her. Our hearts are broken, but I know she is running and playing with her brother, GRRAND dog, Mo, who passed 5 years ago. Lilly’s brother, Charlie, (GP/GR mix) is trying to adapt to life without her, just as we are.

GRRAND Dog Trigger Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

We fell in love with Trigger at first sight.  He was 10 when we met him at a GRRAND foster home and he came running out of the house barking wanting to get in our car.

He walked into our home and into our hearts. Our other GRRAND golden, Tyler, bonded with him right away and they were immediately a close pair.

He was always anxious to share a wag and a woof when we came in the door and big sloppy kisses frequently.  He had eyes that looked right into your heart and soul and he reminded us every day how lucky we were to have him in our lives and that he loved us as much as we loved him.

Sadly, on August 11th, Trigger passed away at the age of 15.  5 years was not nearly enough to have with this amazing guy.  But the happiness and love and memories he brought to our lives will be with us always.


Sweet Ginger Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Ginger passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Dec.18,2017. I adopted her in May 2011. She WAS THE SWEETEST best natured dog and my very best friend! We discovered she had lymphoma in September and she only lasted until December. Ginger was a wonderful dog to our grandchildren too and we all miss her so much!

Kaethe And John shake

Charlie Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge













Our Charlie passed over the Rainbow Bridge. It was very sudden, and we are numb and heartbroken. He was the happiest boy you would have ever met. His tail wagged about everything. But his favorites and there were many, walks, car rides, cookies, swimming, visiting with old friends or making new ones. Rides were maybe at the top of the list. Hanging his head out of the back-passenger window or a few times going for a ride in the Miata with the top down. He always made people smile at the traffic lights. He was always in Seneca Park at a minimum of twice a day and on weekends with his dog friends for a good long walk in the park. Living next to the park was the best place to live for the boy. Charlie was the adventurous sort, always in front and ready to go somewhere new.

You may have seen him and is girl Annie around town. If you watch television and have seen the Feeder’s Supply Picture Your Pets with Santa commercial the past three years, he is the lovable red Golden Retriever. Annie, his best friend is the cute blond Golden in the commercial. His partner in crime and his best friend, where one would go you could always know the other was near by. The one thing you can say about the boy was he loved his family more than anything. The happiest times of his life were when he was with Ruth and Larry (his Mom and Dad).

Charlie will be missed by all who knew him in his life and his two kitty friends, Max and Lilly. Charlie helped them on more than one occasion with their breakfast and supper. His companion Annie with whom he was always only a few feet from at anytime when at home, most of all Charlie has left a hole in our hearts that will never be filled. He was a buddy, our big boy and one of those dogs you can only hope you live up to the image he held of us. He made us better people by just being with him. We love you so much, Charlie Bear!

Sugar Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Sugar resting her head on brother, Beau

My wife Rebecca and I lost our GRRAND dog Sugar this week. Sugar was around 11 years of age and had severe arthritis and cancer, but she was a loving girl who wagged her tail up to the last couple days. We adopted Sugar from GRRAND six years ago and adored her and treated her like the angel she was all the time.  We were blessed to have her. She was also beloved by our other GRRAND dog, Beau, along with our German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees.

Beau is also a wonderful dog who came to us just over three years ago having been hit by a car before GRRAND picked him up, gave him a foster home and eventually let Rebecca and I adopt him. Though he came with a bad hip and little use of one of his rear legs, Beau is also a loving dog who adores attention from people and her brothers, and from Sugar.

We are so thankful you allowed us to adopt our two Goldens.

We miss Sugar dearly, as you can imagine, but her world was filled with love and attention. When the end came, it felt like our vet was just as sad as we were.