Foster to 37 GRRAND Dogs, Stanley Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge


I would like to let you know that I had to put my 13 year old boy Stanley down 2 weeks ago. I would like to thank GRRAND for the amazing gift I was given by adopting Stanley… You trusted me and I will be forever grateful. He was my very first Golden that I had always wanted since I was a little kid. He was a great and fun big brother and BFF to Sampson for 10 years and Danner for 5 and he was a wonderful and patient foster brother to 37 GRRAND dogs over the years. He then over the last few years took in 2 more GRRAND brothers and a little sister too.  I will never forget meeting him, and leaving him, and going back to get him early the very next morning… He hopped right in my car and it was just me and him starting our new lives TOGETHER. He had the deepest bark and the most happy personality ever… the tail like a whip, the wiggly body and good grief… he ALWAYS had to have SOMETHING in his mouth. It did not matter what it was, (his favorite was a stuffed animal) but he was happy to have it and didn’t chew it. I found my phone, my keys and the “other shoe” numerous times in the yard after looking furiously through the house. He LOVED to swim, and run and smell the wonderful world he lived in. Stanley was truly the most wonderful gift I could have ever been given. He had been my constant companion for the last 13 years and it is so hard to imagine my life without him.

I find the most comfort knowing he has been reunited with Sampson and Finny and know they are running and playing like they used to.

Stanley, I will miss you everyday and could not even have thought that I could love and adore you one bit more than I did. My heart was not ready to say Goodbye…

Shannon B.

Sweet Miss Bailey-Ann Will Be Missed



Our sweet Miss Bailey-Ann passed over the rainbow bridge today.  Miss Baby-Ann, Bailey-Boo, The Boo.  She was a mama’s girl.

She was a couple weeks shy of her 14th birthday.  She put up a good fight with cancer but it took its toll on her aging body and we couldn’t stand to see her have any more seizures.

Her best buddy in the world was Jackson(Jax)(Grrand) who passed 2 years ago at the age of 13.  They were the “O.G.’s(Original Goldens).  Miss Bailey-Ann came to us when the foster family had a house fire and had to stay with a neighbor family and we saw one picture of her and knew we had to have her.  I drove from Dayton, Ohio that afternoon and picked her up.  The initial meeting of Jackson and Miss Bailey-Ann was a little rough as Jackson wanted to show her whose boss but soon there after they became best buds and he let her rule the roost.  Wrestling with Jackson kept her from requiring hip surgeries.  Jackson’s waitin’ on you up there Miss Bailey-Ann!!

She battled through double hip-dysplasia, tumors(some of them huge) gum disease, eyes ulcers, water treadmill, electro-therapy, adequin shots, vitamins. pain killers, blood pressure meds….the list goes on and on.  She was the million dollar dog!  We loved her like crazy.   She had an internal alarm clock that told her “it’s 6 am and I’m hungry!!!” “it’s 7 pm, where’s my nightly snack??”

She had the prettiest coat on any golden that we have owned.  She had the same groomer for almost 13 years who will miss her dearly.

Dara and I, Lego (the big beefy biter) (Grrand), Miss Katy and Artie will miss you dearly Miss Bailey-Ann!  I don’t know what we’ll do without hearing you panting all day long!

I hope they have enough treats up there!

Kris Fraggos
Dara Demaree

Beautiful Angel, Pumpkin Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge


My beautiful angel Pumpkin crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, August 8th.  I want to thank GRRAND, specifically Diane Kego, for entrusting me with such a wonderful gift.  Pumpkin was 15 years old and is now running again with her Black Lab companion Harley.

She was a true Golden, so full of love for everyone she met along her 15 years.

Eileen M.

A Great Dog Who Loved People – “Tawny”

We adopted Tawny from GRRAND when she was 1.5 years old in August of 2006 and she lived a great, happy life for 14.5 years.  She’s loved our 3 boys and our cat, Splash.  Splash was 7 months old and in our lives for 4 months before we adopted her, and they were best friends for her entire life with us.  She was a great dog who loved people more than anything, and had such a kind soul.

Thanks for all of your kindness during this difficult time!

Monica S. (and Cody, my husband and our 3 boys – Cooper, Meyer and Ryder – ages 10, 7 and 5)

Sweet Max Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge






Me and my husband adopted Max McCord through WAAGR in Wisconsin, who had gotten Max through GRRAND.  We adopted him on February 21, 2015.

I just wanted to let you know that Max passed away peacefully, surrounded by his mom and dad, on Sunday.

Max was the very best boy.  He was 10 when we adopted him, which was older than we had planned to adopt, but it was love at first sight.  He made our house a home, and we loved him more than anything in the world.  Our empty house just isn’t the same without him.

Thank you for giving an older boy like Max the opportunity for a second chapter in life, and thank you for giving us such an amazing blessing for the last 4.5 years.