Sweet Gabby Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

In June 2018, we lost Gabby, who we adopted in 2004 when she was only 7 weeks old. She was my daughter Kate’s puppy. They practically grew up together, as Kate was 8 when Gabby joined our family. Gabby was fostered and bottle-fed by our next-door-neighbor, Teri Wheatley. She had a good, long life, and we are grateful to GRRAND.

Kind Regards,

The Dunlap Family

Gentle Giant, Ollie, Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge










Ollie crossed over the rainbow bridge on June 14 after a courageous battle with lymphoma. Ollie was adopted at age 2 in 2009.  He was a gentle giant with a beautiful soul and he is terribly missed by all who knew and loved him. Judy Moore

Sweet Finny Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge









Sweet Finn (Finny) passed over the Rainbow Bridge following surgery for a ruptured spleen.  He is now with his brother Sampson and we are so happy they are together.

Just wanted to share… I had to send a few pics too… The one in the lake is at Wags park with his brothers in the background on his last day and it appears to have been a good one for him. Thank you GRRAND for bringing us this special boy…

Shannon B

Baron Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

I was blessed to have been able to adopt Baron and Ellie a little over a year ago. Baron recently had surgery. At the time they found several large masses determined to be cancerous. He was having difficulty recovering from the initial surgery so even as difficult as the decision was we decided to not make him suffer any longer.

He was such a joy and I miss him immensely.

Turbo Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

We lost Turbo back in December to cancer.  Turbo was the epitome of a golden retriever.  He loved to retrieve and he loved being with his family.  We were blessed to have him in our family for 11 years.  

 Julie Price & Scott Lutz