Sweet, Playful Andy Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

I am very sad to tell you that our GRRAND Golden Andy was taken by cancer two weeks ago. Andy was diagnosed with a bone tumor in his leg last December. He underwent radiation and chemotherapy treatments which were successful in keeping him happy and nearly symptom free until the middle of May. Unfortunately, at that point he suddenly began to have lots of issues. He was diagnosed with lymphoma and nothing we did from there on was able to improve his situation. He fought hard but eventually his body just gave out on him.

I can’t even begin to describe what Andy meant to us. He came to us from GRRAND in the fall of 2009 when he was 3 years old. We don’t know much about his life before that except that he was a beautiful pure bred Golden who was turned in to GRRAND by his previous owner. When he arrived, he was confused and afraid at first, probably because his life had been completely disrupted, but he gradually settled in and became a treasured member of our family. He was our gentle giant, sweet, sociable, easy going, playful, funny, and entertaining. He loved playing with his dog pals, going on long walks and runs in the woods, and swimming in our pool. Most of all he was an affectionate and loving companion who was always there for us.

Andy was happiest just being around his human family. Everyone loved him and he loved everyone back. He was always a calming and comforting presence in our lives. His loss has hit us very hard, especially since we lost his pal Pete (our 11-year old Black Lab) in January to basically the same disease. Andy was truly a gentle soul and will always be with us in spirit.

We have had 3 Goldens in the last 13 years (not counting fosters and “houseguests”). They were all completely different in terms of personality, but they were all amazing companions and each was very special in their own unique way. I don’t know what it is about these dogs that inspires such love and affection but they are truly incredible creatures. I’m not sure how soon we will be ready to adopt again, but I know that there is another special Golden out there in our future.

Charlie Gebhard
Beavercreek, Ohio



Zachary Loved Everyone and Everything – He will be missed.

We lost our beloved Zachary on Tuesday, June 20th.  He was the best dog.  We received him from GRRAND as a foster but he was the one and only foster we ever had. He loved everyone and everything.

Jennifer and Chris Prybylski and doggie sister Zoey and kitty Skittles



Mr. Jackson, Friend to All, Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Mr. Jackson, formerly Jax, passed over The Rainbow Bridge on Sunday June 11th with family present, Dara Demaree and Kris Fraggos, at the easy age of 13.

Mr. Jackson was brought home to us in 2005 from Louisville, and made the journey to Dayton where he enjoyed living the high life with his new folks.  Jumpin’ Jackson is what most people called him when he was a younger pup since he greeted everyone face to face and thought he should stand up like people.  Later in life Jackson had a best buddy named Jack the Cat that he became friends with and was a neighbors cat. Jack the Cat and Mr. Jackson used to walk around the neighborhood, Jack never more than a yard behind as he made sure Jackson was safe.  We then made the move to another neighborhood and the cats owner told us that Jackson and Jack the Cat were such good buds that we need to take him with us when we move.  Jack the Cat moved with us.

Mr. Jackson then got another buddy Named Bailey-Ann, again from GRRAND in Louisville and they played together all day, everyday.  Every day was a new wrestling match and Jackson always made sure that Bailey-Ann got to win every once in a while. Bailey-Ann got so excited to wrestle that she even kinked Jackson’s tail leading up to an ER visit.  But, a few weeks later they were back at it again!

The next long term visitor was the Shih-Tzu named Miss Katy which Mr. Jackson had no idea what to do with.  She ran around and barked and had to be put in her place occasionally.  Miss Katy sure did like to lay next to Mr. Jackson but for whatever reason he kept his eye out for mischief coming from her corner.

Miss Kitty came into our world from The Animal Adoption Foundation and he again had a little cat friend.  They weren’t to be the best of buds but had a mutual respect.  On Jackson’s last day we found Miss Kitty rubbing up on him cheek to cheek knowing he wasn’t feeling well and trying to comfort him.

He survived a broken tail, a para-thyroid tumor, blindness in both eyes, many many visits to Dr. DJ Haussler for his eye cysts and a baseball sized tumor on his spleen to finally succumb to the long fun filled life he led.  Our vet Dr. Joe D’Amico cried as he called when he got the report that Jackson had passed as he saved him two separate times.  He was “such a good boy.”

Mr. Jackson was a 100% mama’s boy who was always up for snuggling with anyone. His big heart and smiling face will be missed greatly by all of his buddies and parents Kris and Dara.

We can’t wait to find another Mr. Jackson someday from GRRAND.

Kris Fraggos, Dara Demaree
Springboro, OH

Sweet, Gentle Duke Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

In July, 2008, GRRAND entrusted Duke to my care, my second GRRAND adoptee in three months. Duke’s website profile went something like this: “Duke loves people, children, other dogs, and cats. Duke just loves.” That proved to be so true. I would add that Duke never met a tennis ball he didn’t love.

Duke passed over the Rainbow Bridge (June 5) just one month shy of his ninth anniversary of his adoption. He fought bone cancer with dignity and pluckiness. He was a sweet, gentle dog who now runs free.


Sweet Murphy Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

We adopted our Murphy from GRRAND back in 2009.  He was the joy of our lives.  Murphy died of cancer on April 7, 2017.  Thank you to GRRAND for bringing Murphy into our lives.

Anna Myers & Sean Murphy