Rocket Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Just one week after celebrating his 10th anniversary “Gotcha” day, I lost Rocket (originally Mr. Tubbs) to an asymptomatic tumor on April.

I wish to thank GRRAND for placing him in my home and my heart. Rocket was exuberant, athletic, and goofy. Although I feel he was taken much too soon, he lived each day with gusto. I consider myself blessed to have had in my life.

Joy Landry

Sweet, Fluffy Sassy Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge

We are so sad to share that our big, sweet, fluffy Sassy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on March 29. She got sick suddenly, but she was able to cross over quickly and without a lot of pain.  We are so grateful to Sassy’s foster family who has loved her so much and taken such good care of her this past year.  We know they are hurting right now, and our hearts go out to them.  We love you, Sassy.

Sarah’s Love Knew No Bounds

A few weeks ago we lost one of the worlds sweetest, most loving, patient, and beautiful inside and out friend anyone could have. She made friends with people, dogs, cats, just about any living thing, except chipmunks.

Sarah came to us in March of 2010 as an emergency foster. After 24 hours it was pretty clear we were going to fail miserably as fosters. She was exactly what my husband needed at a time when his health was declining. She took her job of taking care of him very seriously. They were always together, whether going in the car, watching old TV shows and at the end, lying by his hospice bed.

Her love for my son knew no bounds. Even as her health got worse and going anywhere was difficult; going to his house always got her up and moving. Her other favorite human in the whole world was her Aunt Cheryl, who loved and spoiled her no end. Two and a half toy boxes were filled with gifts from her. And Sarah loved and played with every one of them.

Sarah left many people with a big piece of their heart missing. But she also left a million smiles for all who knew her. From her smiling face to her never still tail, she wanted to please her people and be with them.  She was deeply loved and is deeply missed. I am so grateful to GRRAND and Jane for bringing this beautiful, loving girl into our lives.


Sweet Lilly Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Our sweet Lilly passed over the rainbow bridge on Monday, Feb. 5, 2018. She had been diagnosed the previous week with lung cancer. Lilly passed away at home with her human sister lying next to her. Our hearts are broken, but I know she is running and playing with her brother, GRRAND dog, Mo, who passed 5 years ago. Lilly’s brother, Charlie, (GP/GR mix) is trying to adapt to life without her, just as we are.