Chloe Belle Darden is the Happiest Dog in the World!

Chloe Belle Darden celebrated her 14th birthday on Feb 4.  When we adopted her she came with her AKC registration so we know when she was born. She has been with us nearly five years and she is still active but arthritis is slowing her down. She was our 4th Golden we had adopted from Grrand and with her was Simba (a male) who was our fifth Golden. He died at 13 and in June 2018 we adopted #6 (MIles).  We have no idea how old he is but he is a very good boy. So happy and pleased with all the Goldnes and thank you for all Grrand does to rescue all the dogs it can.

Bob and Vicki Darden, OH

Mel Finds a Wonderful Furever Home!

When we adopted little Mel in January, he was skin and bones and had a few issues with his neuter.

He is not longer little! No longer skinny. No longer bony.

A beautiful sweet boy dog, who pulls a bit when he walks.  Some days.  Not always.

He adores his cats.  And poodles.  If he meets a poodle, regardless of size, they will be his best friend.  Except for Rowdy, who barks at all male dogs. Mel can’t help that.

We moved from a fenced in yard and a home to a senior living community.  He no longer has a yard to play in. He is okay with that.  Our home is actually larger now, and he can run and play inside.

He does well on walks.  And whines if he sees anyone.  However, he is shy about meeting people outside the home. If they come inside, he’s fine.  And he is afraid of the big building, where he would be allowed to go, if he wanted to. He still doesn’t like car rides, and needs a 1/2 a trazadone to get him to calm down if we take him anywhere. So we don’t often.  It really stresses him.

We do think he might like a doggy friend to keep him company when we go and play games at the building, or go shopping.  A doggy companion might also boost his confidence.  Although his primary interest seems to be poodles, he is also interested in another golden, who lives down the street, she is too active to really be friendly.

We thought you might want an update on how he is doing.

I am sending a picture of him with Rocky.  And one with his new Reindeer toy.  He likes it and the lamb toys the most of any toys.  And he has eleven.  I also added a picture from April with all of his toys.   And then the original picture so you remember who he was.

Cody Settles Right In!!!

Cody (formerly Butterball) is getting comfortable quickly in his new home.  Because of previous living conditions, Cody came to us with a lot of anxiety from GRRAND about him and how he would adapt to a new home.  Well, Cody has adapted faster and better than anyone could have expected.  First of all, he learned his new name, Cody, in 3 days.  He learned how to go out to the yard and come back into the house via the doggie door in less than 2 days.  He got used to his own bed and “blankie” in 2 days…sleeps through the night and has had zero bathroom issues in the house.  In about a week he went from very shy to hugs and kisses for both Di and myself.   He has accepted and has been accepted by our other yellow lab, Max.  They love to engage in a tug-o-war or wrestle on the floor or just lay in place and chew on their treats.  If Max does not want to play, he lets Cody know and Cody does not press this issue, he lays down and waits for the next play session.   Diana and I could not be happier with this big lover.  He knows he is not going anywhere, that he is safe, that he is loved, that he is home.

Thanks to Jane for her introducing us to Cody.

Sonny and Diana Onorato

Arlo & Sampson Are Best Buddies!

Both Arlo and Sampson are doing great! They are the sweetest and most gentle dogs. They live to play together and love running around in the back yard.

Thanks to everyone at GRRAND and Anne Lyons!

Best regards