Sebastian Happily Settles in with Fat Cat and Family!

Hello GRRAND Volunteers,

I wanted to share updates on Sebastian with you and let you know how much our family loves this dog. He settled in nicely with our cat “FAT CAT” after a few days of hissing and chasing but now they are getting along just fine (FAT CAT made it clear who runs the house).

We’ve started basic obedience classes and it looks like he’s far more advanced than the other dogs in understanding his commands. However, he is very vocal about not being able to play with the other dogs while we are in training which the class gets a big laugh from his warbling.

Ginnie and I take him on long walks several times a day and to Cochran Hill dog park. He and I are glued to the hip when there are no squirrels, other dogs, or 6-year-old girls to play with. I built a washroom in our basement so he can get nice and muddy now without worrying about leaving paw prints on the first floor.  Sebastian didn’t shy away from the noise of construction and supervised my work.

We absolutely love him and our 6-year-old is in heaven…he is so gentle and loves every person, dog, and now a cat who crosses his path.

Below is a link with photos of some of his peculiar sleeping positions(our favorites) and his new life in general.

We are very grateful for the for helping us bring him into our lives!

Update on Charlie (formally Huck)


Charlie needs his own Facebook page!  Adopted from GRRAND, Charlie went through extensive training with his new mom, Cathy Kroger.  He was, shall we say, quite a handful when he was first adopted!  He’s now an incredible companion with awesome manners, going for his Good Dog Citizenship diploma.  Along the way, Charlie is learning all kinds of new talents.  Cathy sent these pictures of Charlie learning how to dock dive and it appears that he is going for his Captain’s license too!  He looks pretty darn good and very alert as he navigates the waters!

Cathy is grateful for Charlie’s presence in her life.


Previous Happy Endings letter:  After 8 months of intensive training (because he REALLY needed it) I am proud to say that not only has he turned into the sweetest dog, he is training for his Good Dog Citizenship!

In the near future Charlie and I will be working towards his therapy dog certification. Not bad for a former farm dog.

I was totally overwhelmed when I got Charlie, he was so out of control. I had never had a dog that needed that much training but time and effort paid off and he is absolutely wonderful.  He follows me everywhere and snuggles in bed with me. Thank you for allowing me to adopt Charlie he was exactly what I needed after losing my golden/chow of 14 years.

C. Kroger

Cooper Livin’ the Life on Vacay


Just wanted to touch base to thank you for giving us the gift of Cooper! He is a beautiful, sweet, laid back guy who is fitting in perfectly with us. He is so easy going. And a great traveler! He has been with us for 2 weeks today, and traveled with us to Anna Maria Island! He did so well in the car and at an overnight stay at a hotel.

I have attached some photos we have taken while on vacay.

Thanks again!
Sandy Longarzo