Marley Needs A Home

Age:1 year
Intake date:4/18/2021
Post date:4/20/2021
FOSTER HOME NEEDED!!! Marley is a beautiful girl with medical needs…
    Marley is super sad in the kennel as she has always lived in a home with a family!

    Marley is a beautiful 1 year old fun loving, friendly, and energetic Golden puppy who was turned into GRRAND as her people felt she needs a home who can help her more with her medical issues than they can right now… Marley has a medical condition that causes her to leak urine, possibly an ectopic ureter. Unfortunately, this is a condition we’ve started seeing more frequently lately. Marley’s owner loved her very much and felt that she deserved more than she could currently give her. We will have Marley checked out by our vet and work on a treatment plan to move forward. Sometimes this condition can be treated with surgery, sometimes with meds, and she will need a family committed to helping her through any treatment. They say she is the nicest dog they have ever met and doesn’t know a stranger!
    She is crate trained and knows some basic commands too. As most Goldens, Marley LOVES people and likes for them to be around more than most families, so she would prefer a family that has someone home most of the time. This adorable pup gets along well with other dogs and she will make your heart melt when you look at her and she will make a wonderful addition to your family! Are YOU that family!??
    We are still learning about Marley, and will post more soon, so please check back for updates.

    Ashby Needs A Home

    Age:1 year
    Breed:Golden Mix
    Intake date:4/09/2021
    Post date:4/20/2021
      Ashby came to GRRAND from a shelter as he was not fairing well… we need to get this boy into a home where he can relax and rest. He was overlooked in the shelter as he was so shy and timid. (who would’t be?) He did not do well with all of the chaos and noise but once he would calm down, he would sit in any volunteers lap at the shelter and take in as much love as he could as he loves people!
      As we learn more, we will update, but could you help this guy get out of the kennel??

      Fresh-Prince Needs A Home

      Age:3 mos
      Intake date:4/19/2021
      Post date:4/20/2021
        Fresh Prince is a 3 month old Doodle that came to GRRAND with a broken leg and under our care now. He is in a foster home so will update as we learn more…

        Diesel Needs A Home

        Age:5 years
        Breed:Flat Coat Mix
        Intake date:4/13/2021
        Post date:4/20/2021
        This cutie is Diesel!
          Diesel is looking for a home where he will be in an assured secure space to run and play with no dangers lurking! Diesel was turned in as he liked chasing cars on a busy stretch of highway and it was just to dangerous! He was in a kennel and it was just WAY to hard on him! This furry ball of fluff is super friendly and does well with other dogs and he is said to do well with kids too.
          Sadly, Diesel has tested positive for heartworms and will need a home that can offer him a loving and calm environment while he is going through treatment.
          If you are interested in offering this boy a warm and loving home, please contact
          Special health requirements:

          Diesel tested positive for heartworm disease…

          Star Needs A Home

          Age:1 year
          Breed:Lab/Husky Mix
          Intake date:2/17/2021
          Post date:3/15/2021
          FOSTER HOME NEEDED!!! Star is looking for a forever family…
            Star came in with Cosmo and Pete from a rural KY shelter and we are told she is very sweet and loving, but has had no direction in her short life and will need a family committed to this for her! A family with time, patience and lots of love to give her is what she needs and deserves to have! Star is said to be an outgoing girl and very sweet, and as with all young pups, she will need some direction and training to help her grow up to be a good girl!
            Sadly, Star was diagnosed with heartworm disease and will need a home committed to giving her a calm environment during her treatments, and once she is all free and clear of the heartworms, she will be back to her fun puppy self! (you can discuss more with our foster or adoption coordinator) Star is just a needy girl looking for a loving family with a place to call home!
            We are still learning more, so please check back later for more info!