Janet Needs A Home

Age:3 years
Breed:Yellow Lab Mixes
Intake date:8/10/2017
Post date:2/12/2019
Janet is a cute and little sweetie… who has decided she wants to be the only dog in the home…
    Janet was turned into GRRAND as she has all of a sudden decided she wants to be the only dog in the home. The kennel staff all say she is as sweet as she can be with all of the people she has met since she has been there. She is house-trained as she used to live inside with a family and is so wanting to get out of the kennel and get back to a life with her new forever family in a warm loving home.
    As we learn more about Janet, we will update so please check back later for more info.

    Molly-Sue Needs A Home

    Age:3 years
    Breed:Pyrenees mix
    Intake date:9/10/2018
    Post date:2/11/2019
    • 5Knows some basic commands
    • 8Would enjoy being the only dog
    • 4House trained
    Molly Sue is wishing for a forever home! She is a beautiful, young Pyrenees mix that weighs 70 pounds. She is an active girl and will help keep you in tip top shape, as she is looking for a family that can provide her with the daily exercise and attention she will need to thrive in her new home. Molly Sue is great with people, but would very much enjoy being the only dog in your life. She is said to be a very easy and loving dog and she sleeps though the night peacefully! She is a great companion and makes sure to guard her people and home! (like most Pyr’s do!) She has also just completed obedience training and knows the basic commands like sit, stay, down, come etc… She is working very hard to find her forever family!!!
    Can you make her wish come true?

    Portia Needs A Home

    Age:6 mos
    Intake date:1/19/2019
    Post date:1/23/2019
    Adoption Pending…
      Portia was found in an abandoned apartment by some renters and discovered by the landlord, walking around with a chain around her neck. After being abandoned like that, she is a happy sweet puppy even with all that she’s been through. She is recovering from some health issues that were obviously never attended to, but with some serious LOVE and TLC, Portia will be good as new in no time! She is in a foster home that is helping her get over her mange issues and other skin irritants.
      Portia is a 6 month old Golden puppy who will need a home that has the time and patience to work with a puppy by giving them the guidance and exercise she will need to grow up to be a good girl!
      If you think you would like to meet Little Miss Portia, please fill out an app at GRRAND.org

      please check back for more info and pictures of Portia as she is recovering…

      Baby-Girl Needs A Home

      Breed:Golden Mix
      Intake date:12/05/2018
      Post date:12/17/2018
      Bombo and Baby Girl must go to a home together…
        These two are new to GRRAND and just went to a foster home so we are very much learning about them, but we do know that Bombo and Baby Girl are a VERY bonded pair who have had little attention prior to coming to GRRAND… they were very unsocialized so they are just now learning what a gentle touch (belly rubs) and love really are. They have had no accidents in their foster home and are learning to love getting attention. They will need a calm household without active young kids as they adjust. Both are smaller dogs and they are very comfortable in their crates and will get in on their own.
        As we learn more from their foster mom, we will update…

        Baby Girl has a best friend named Bombo

        Baby Girl and Bombo are looking for a special family to adopt them both

        Breed:Golden Mix
        Intake date:12/05/2018
        Post date:12/17/2018
        Bombo and Baby Girl are a bonded pair… FOSTER HOME DESPERATELY NEEDED!
        • 2Good with other dogs
        • 4House trained
        Bombo and Baby Girl have been with one of our wonderful foster moms who gives them a glowing report!! She has a lot of travel plans coming up and can’t keep them after Feb 11th. They have done well with her dog, and she suggests a home with older children as Bombo is strong and can get excited when playing. Baby Girl loves to snuggle on the couch with her!

        Juno Needs A Home

        Age:2 years
        Breed:Anatolian Shepherd
        Intake date:1/29/2019
        Post date:1/31/2019
        Juno is a wonderful Anatolian Shepherd…
          Juno is a fabulous, 2 yr old Anatolian Shepherd. She had been acquired by a
          farmer to guard the livestock on his farm, but she decided that she liked
          people better than cows. She kept wandering off the farm in search of
          people so the farmer allowed her to be picked up by the Animal Shelter and
          did not claim her.

          She is nothing short of a fabulous dog!

          She is 91 lbs and thin so will likely top out at 100+ lbs when she gains some needed weight. Juno is incredibly gentle and sweet, is calm in the kennel, and
          walks beautifully on leash.

          She seems to be so happy to have a warm kennel run with a blanket right now and wants no part of being outside. She is going to make an fabulous dog for some lucky family.