Missie-and-Tara Needs A Home

Age:10 years
Intake date:12/04/2020
Post date:1/07/2021
FOSTER HOME NEEDED ASAP! Sadly, Missie and Tara are needing a new home…
  • 1Good with children
  • 2Good with other dogs
  • 4House trained
At no fault of their own, these poor girls are again looking for their new forever family or foster family as we do NOT want these senior girls to have to go back to a kennel… It was found out in their newly adopted home, that they have no tolerance for cats at all! They were previously turned into GRRAND as their owner passed and their family members could not keep them. They are a bonded senior pair needing to stay together. We know that they are super sweet and well behaved, just a little confused at this time.
Here is a little from the previous owners family…
‘They both love people & become extremely excited with visitors. For now they’re a little confused. I do not want them caged if at all possible as they do not need to be. They are house-trained, well behaved and so sweet. Missie will stay at your side forever except when excited and wants to play. Tara is sweet and easy going. They both prefer to snuggle when resting’.

We are learning all about Missie and Tara now. They seem to get along fine with children and with the other dog currently in the home. If you are interested in meeting these two, please complete an adoption application

Senior-Buster Needs A Home

Age:11 years
Breed:Golden Mix
Intake date:12/29/2020
Post date:1/02/2021
Buster is new to GRRAND and is doing well in his foster home…
    We were contacted by a volunteer about this sweet 11 year old boy being turned into a shelter with a couple other dogs… GRRAND took in Buster and he was so lucky to go straight to a foster home! Buster is currently living with 3 other dogs and is having no issues with any of them. Here are a few things his foster dad says about him…

    ‘Meet Buster. Buster is a very sweet, older guy, I am fostering for GRRAND. Buster is very laid back and very sweet. He’s settling in well with the other 3 dogs but Buster has very clearly communicated his lack of interest in playing right now.
    I know very little about Buster but I have learned this evening Buster likes long walks in the rain!
    Buster was owner-surrendered to a shelter where he struggled for several weeks. He has been through a lot in the past couple of months and I’m sure with some love, attention, and time his personality will come out. He is headed to the vet for a good check up and he is a little husky so his diet is being adjusted accordingly. He has some joint issues that we will also have looked at, and after a little more time, and we learn more about him, we will update’.

    Mosby Needs A Home

    Age:1 year
    Breed:Golden Doodle
    Intake date:10/30/2020
    Post date:12/29/2020
    Mosby is a high energy dog who needs a high energy home!
      Mosby is a very pretty 1 yr old Goldendoodle.
      This handsome boy is a high energy dog who needs a home that can manage his energy and training needs. Mosby has not grown up with the stability you would want for a dog, so he is just now learning some of the things most dogs learn as a puppy. He needs a family committed to keeping up with his training and socialization.

      Mosby is house and crate trained, but he is not leash trained. He would do best with a young, energetic large-breed dog: no small dog/animal or senior dog siblings, please! He resource-guards food and toys, so he needs a home without children under the age of 16, and he would love a fenced-in yard to help him get his energy out.

      Does Mosby sound like the right dog for you? We know he is going to make an amazing family member for the right home. If you are interested in learning more about Mosby, please complete an adoption application:

      Theo Needs A Home

      Age:12 years
      Intake date:6/14/2020
      Post date:6/16/2020
      Poor Theo… this guy needs a warm and loving home…
        Our new boy Theo has had a rough way to go and he is still fighting for a good life…
        Theo came to GRRAND from a hoarding situation with 80 other dogs and he was found in a crate, in absolutely DEPLORABLE conditions… just a terrible situation for those dogs! He is extremely scared as we can only imagine, and he is a pretty sick guy too, as he was just diagnosed with cardiomyopathy which is a heart disease. He is in the hospital as tests are being run and we are doing what we can to help Theo pull through this! He has never known a loving pet, a warm home or what TLC is all about… He is about to learn!
        He is a senior boy in desperate need of a wonderful loving family to hang out with for the rest of his days and get smothered in all of the affection he can handle!
        We will update as we learn more and if you would like to donate to help GRRAND with Theo’s vet bills, please visit the DONATE tab on the GRRAND main website page

        Dancer Needs A Home

        Age:1 year
        Intake date:11/15/2020
        Post date:11/18/2020
        Dancer has had a rough young life, and a rough road to recovery…
          Dancer is a beautiful 1 yr old blond golden who was surrendered to GRRAND by owners in southern Indiana who were unable to manage the expense of her medical needs. They had only acquired Dancer 5 months earlier from another owner and while with them she became very sick. They spent $1,500 on her with 2 different vet clinics who were unable to diagnose her illness. Dancer has severely swollen joints and nose, bleeding sores and ruptures to her skin, had to have an eye removed because it also became infected, and lameness. When GRRAND acquired this sweet girl, we took her immediately to the emergency vet where she was quickly diagnosed with Blastomycosis, a severe fungal disease that is systemic and oftentimes fatal. The fungus is acquired from wet or moist soil, often around ponds. Dancer’s former owners said that she loved to dig in the pond on their property! Dancer is now on expensive medications to treat the fungus and we hope that her therapy has come soon enough to save her life, and her other eye. This girl is in a lot of pain, but continues to be nothing but total sweetness. She is in a wonderful foster home with a foster mom who is monitoring her progress around the clock. We are so grateful that at this time, Dancer continues to eat and drink and doesn’t seem to require hospitalization. We are looking for donations to cover the cost of Dancer’s treatment which will extend for many months, perhaps as long as a year or so.