Sage Needs A Home

Age:10 mos
Intake date:7/21/2017
Post date:7/23/2017
COMING SOON!!! This is Sage…
    Meet a coming attraction, Sage, a very bright 10 month old pure bred Aussie who is seeking his forever home. Sage is quite lovable and needs a high energy family to handle his outgoing personality and energy levels. He is housetrained, likes other dogs, and ADORES swimming and definitely is a tennis ball boy. He is extremely smart and learns quickly. This gorgeous guy has not been raised with young children. Sage is somewhat a puppy still, so a family who can manage the demands of a young adolescent is suggested.
    Please contact if interested in fostering or adopting this sweet boy…

    Selena Needs A Home

    Age:2 years
    Breed:Great Pyr mix
    Intake date:7/13/2017
    Post date:7/23/2017
    My name is Selena and I am ready for a new start to life…
    • 2Good with other dogs
    • 4House trained
    Hi, I’m Selena! Although I’ve had a pretty rough life up until now, you would never know that if you met me. I’m so sweet and gentle. My foster mom says I have the prettiest honey-colored eyes she’s ever seen!! I’m a little shy when I’m in new places, but I learn quickly and I love being close to people. I get along with other dogs, and I behave very well in my foster home, even when left alone! I’m looking for a forever family who can help me build confidence because I have so much love to share!

    Sassy Needs A Home

    Age:7 years
    Intake date:7/14/2017
    Post date:7/19/2017
    Sassy needs a dedicated home…
      Our newest addition, Sassy, is in dire need of a very dedicated foster home. This sweet 7 to 8 year old gal was abandoned in a Louisville home and was alone for nearly 2 weeks. She is healthy in every other way except she is very obese, at 110 lbs., and is in desperate need of weight loss to the tune of 30 to 40 lbs. This massive amount of extra weight on her frame makes it difficult for her to walk very far, so we understand this will be a long process and most of the weight loss will be from food restriction at first and as she loses the weight she can have more movement. You can imagine how hard this is on her joints. Ideally she should not be in a home where she has to navigate stairs and a 2 person home is needed, as she may have trouble getting up. She has already been started on a special diet food.

      Contact our foster coordinator, Diane Knego at 502-558-6873 or for further details to help Sassy be on her way to a successful trim down and to be able to enjoy all the things a dog deserves.

      Parker Needs A Home

      Age:1 year
      Breed:Golden Mix
      Intake date:12/17/2016
      Post date:7/10/2017
      Parker will be a loyal companion…
      • 5Knows some basic commands
      • 4House trained
      • 2Good with other dogs
      Parker is a goofy and loveable Golden Retriever mix who is looking for his perfect fit! Parker is as sweet as can be, and will be a very loyal companion for his future family. He is a very special boy who will need a special person in his life – someone who will provide him with structure, consistency, and boundaries. Parker loves other dogs, and has a lot of energy to run, love, and play. He is incredibly intelligent, always up for a challenge, and would be an excellent candidate for agility training. Parker needs a self assured and experience dog owner, who is willing to continue working with him on his training in order for him to be the best dog he can be. Are you a great match for this sweet little dynamo? If you are interested in helping Parker please contact Diane Knego at or 502-558-6873.

      Lily Needs A Home

      Age:5 years
      Intake date:5/06/2017
      Post date:7/11/2017
      Lily is the last of our Turkey dogs!!! Her foster family says she is just a doll… click on her to see what else they have to say!
      • 3Good with cats
      • 2Good with other dogs
      Lilly is just a doll… she gets along very well with other dogs. My Millie has been showing her the ropes of our back yard. Lily wasn’t quite housebroken when she came to me, but is now 99% there, thanks to Millie. She and my 2 cats have finally come to a healthy understanding of each other… She will sometimes try to chase them, but isn’t fast enough to catch them!
      Lily always has to have a tennis ball, or a soft stuffed toy in her mouth. She has a cute habit of looking at it, growling, and then grabbing it. It’s like she’s telling it to stay right there so she can nab it! (could that be any cuter?)
      She has a great appetite, doesn’t beg for people food, and enjoys soft treats.
      She also walks very well on a leash. Because of her back leg issue, she can’t walk too much.(see the aside in the last paragraph).
      She needs a house without a lot of steps and not too much slick flooring. A soft bed and a place next to you while watching TV makes her the happiest.
      A home with an above ground fence would be nice, no electric fences for Ms Lilly please. I don’t know how she is with children, but I can’t imagine any problems as she’s soooo laid back.
      She has a lovely little bark, not too loud, and she only uses her voice to let you know she may need a little help getting up. She does join my Millie when she’s barking at another dog outside, but she’s easily distracted to stop.
      Whoever adopts Lilly will have hit the jackpot of sweetness!!!!

      As an aside, Lily is going to Metropolitan in a week to see Dr. Graeler about her back leg. We think she may have an old injury and he will tell us if he can fix it. Right now, she is on an anti inflammatory that is helping.
      Lily also has to be on thyroid pills twice a day for the rest of her life, but she takes them happily with some turkey wrapped around them! 🙂
      Lily’s adoption fee is 650.00