Colt Needs A Home

Age:2 years
Breed:Anatolian Shepherd
Intake date:9/30/2019
Post date:9/30/2019
  • 2Good with other dogs
  • 4House trained
We are still learning about Colt as he is new to GRRAND, but initial reports are that is is an awesome dog! He is house-trained, gets along well with other dogs and all people he meets!
We also know he is extremely handsome, extremely big and has the most beautiful eyes!
Please check back later for more info on this great guy!

Butterball Needs A Home

Age:1 year
Breed:Great Pyr/Lab
Intake date:8/28/2019
Post date:10/21/2019
    Butterball is a 1 year old Lab/Pyrenees mix looking for his forever family!

    Butterball is a wonderful, 1 yr old Lab/Pyranees mix who came to GRRAND from an outdoor setting where he had been kept in a pen and then let out to guard the sheep in a field. He is a big puppy and has a lot to learn about life, but since he has been with GRRAND, he has not had any accidents in his kennel run or in the office area and he walks well on leash. He appears to like other dogs and tries to engage some of the other kennel dogs in play. He can be a gentle giant, so very sweet and calm, but then, as with any puppy, he can get excited quickly and with his size and strength, he needs someone who can help him calm back down. He loves hanging out in the office at the kennel or going on walks or runs. He generally has a calm nature and will be a wonderful, loyal companion to his new family. He is afraid of riding in the car, but then who wouldn’t be when the car has only taken him to the animal shelter, the vet for shots or neutering, or to a kennel. Butterball needs to learn about all the fun things in life. He is intelligent and would be great in a home with another large dog that he could play with or even in a home as the only dog, as long as he gets lots of people attention. Butterball has been in the kennel for almost 8 weeks and he DESPERATELY needs to get out into either a foster or adoptive home.

    This 75 lb big goofball of a love bug is praying his forever family comes along very soon!

    If you are interested in meeting Butterball, please complete an adoption application:

    Max Needs A Home

    Age:2 years
    Breed:Great Pyr Mix
    Intake date:7/10/2019
    Post date:7/18/2019
    • 4House trained
    • 2Good with other dogs
    Max is new to GRRAND so we are still learning about him, but we are told this by our kennel staff…
    ‘Max walks well on his K9 leash and boy, he is SO sweet, and not bothered by other dogs. He was an owner-turn-in at a shelter, 2 years old, and 82lbs, but under weight and needs to put on about 10 lbs. I spent a couple of hours with him yesterday and he is wonderful! They also say he’s good with kids, but due to his size and puppy like behaviors I wouldn’t place him with small children.’
    As we learn more about Max, we will let you know, but he is looking for his forever family!!!

    Scottie Needs A Home

    Age:2 years
    Breed:Lab Mix
    Intake date:6/25/2019
    Post date:7/02/2019
    Meet our Scottie Girl! FOSTER HOME NEEDED!!!
    • 4House trained
    • 8Would enjoy being the only dog
    Scottie is as sweet as she can be and gets along with all people she meets! This pretty girl is very Alpha and will do best in a home as the only dog and she is a little TOO interested in cats, so will be best to stay away from a home with cats too! She is just a pup, (is house-trained) so she has plenty of energy and will need a home that can give her the exercise and direction she needs to be a good girl. She has the most beautiful green eyes, and will melt your heart when you see her! We need to get this cutie a forever family, so if you could open your hearts and home to her, she will love you forever!

    Shadow Needs A Home

    Age:2 years
    Breed:Golden/Shep Mix
    Intake date:9/17/2019
    Post date:9/16/2019
      We have a mama and pups coming our way!

      Shadow, approximately 2 years old, was surrendered to a shelter along with her 5 babies. No moms left behind in our world, so we’re excited to have this sweet mama in our care and to find her an amazing forever home!

      The shelter has said she is good with dogs and people, and we will be taking some time to get to know her ourselves and see how she does. We do not know her breed mix.
      We’ll be spending some time getting to know this sweet crew, but if you think you might be interested in adopting, send in your app now!