Campbell Adopted!


Age:9 mos
Intake date:8/08/2017
Post date:8/14/2017
Campbell needs a home who will offer her all of the LOVE she gives in return!
  • 2Good with other dogs
  • 4House trained
Are you looking for love? My name is Campbell, and I have so much love to give! I’m just brimming with it! I dance my front paws in excitement when it’s time to come out of my crate, and I love to shower you with kisses. I have a 9-year-old human foster sister who dresses me up in costumes and makes me look fabulous, so bring on all the attention you can muster. I am game! I am learning so much in my foster home – proper walking on a leash, boundaries, good behavior, and I am a potty CHAMP. I can be very shy when I meet new people, but once I know that I am safe with you, I will never cease to show you oodles of love. In fact, my foster sister has started calling me her Love Bug. You won’t realize how much you’ve been missing me without meeting me – Come and meet the Love Bug!

PS – Campbell is NOT good with cats!

Update from Foster Family:

How does your dog behave indoors? Very sweet and calm; plays well with my dog.

How is the dog on leash? We are working on this. She is very shy and easily spooked, but we are making progress. Needs more training and positive reinforcement.

Does that dog have any specific behavioral needs and if so, what are those needs? Extremely shy and skittish. Startles easily. We have introduced leash walks at night to reduce stimulation. She has improved tremendously on night walks. We tried an evening/dusk walk, but lots of people were out, and there was lots of stimulation; she kept trying to return to the house. She steals shoes and goes under the bed but has not destroyed anything (typical puppy behavior). She also jumps up on both my daughter and I. I am trying to break her of this, but my daughter finds it endearing, so this behavior is only improving VERY slowly. She is a bit mouthy, but it is very puppy like, so I do not anticipate the mouthing persisting.

How does your dog do with other dogs and what aged dogs and breeds has your foster dog lived with in your home? She plays well with my 4 year old goldendoodle mix, but because of her shyness we have not had the opportunity to try her out with other dogs.
Has your foster dog been around cats and if so, how does he/she react to cats? She should NOT be in a home with cats; she is aggressive with my cats AND she is a skilled jumper over the indoor gate. NO CATS.

Is your foster dog crate trained? Yes; she sleeps overnights in the crate.

Has your foster dog been around children? She is doing great with my 8½ year old daughter. She lets my daughter dress her up in costumes and loves the attention. We have tried introducing her to neighborhood children, and she is NEVER aggressive, but she panics around new people, so she just hides from them (behind me or my daughter). She lets them pet her with no problem, just her tail between her legs, ears back, and shy We are working on socializing her, but there have been zero displays of aggression toward children or adults.

Would your foster dog be a candidate for a professional invisible fence with professional training to the fence in a new home and if not, why do you think it wouldn’t be a good system for your foster dog? Campbell has extremely low confidence. An invisible fence would cause too much visual stimulation and cause additional anxiety. Moreover, any negative reinforcement will cause behavior regression.