Brock-and-Ellie-4692 Adopted!


Age:7 years
Intake date:5/06/2018
Post date:5/07/2018
    Ellie and Brock have had a hard way to go over the last month… Sadly, their owner passed away from cancer and they were lucky to have nice neighbors to take care of them but they can not take them. They are a bonded pair who need to stay together and are looking for a home who will love them and take good care of them from here out.
    They are brand new to GRRAND so we are still learning about them but we do know that Brock is more skittish and shy than Ellie. Both are sweet and a little overweight. They had been fed for over a month by neighbors who would just leave food out for them in the house so they will need to have some food measuring to help them lose a few pounds.
    If you would be interested in taking these 2 sweeties home with you, please fill out an application and contact GRRAND right away!