Bread Adopted!


Age:7 mos
Breed:Great Pyr Mix
Intake date:3/18/2021
Post date:7/17/2021
  • 2Good with other dogs
Bread and his sibling Butter came to GRRAND from a shelter and his brother found his forever family, so now it’s Bread’s turn and he can’t wait! He has finally found a wonderful foster family who is learning about him and they tell us that they KNOW he is one fantastic dog, but he has plenty to learn…

This handsome boy is currently 7 months old and weighs about 53 pounds… he seems to be mostly lab with a little Great Pyrenees as he has that fun loving Lab puppy personality and that beautiful Great Pyr fluffy white coat! He also has that ‘velcro’ personality as he likes to know where you are and be in the same general place to keep an eye on you!

Bread is a super sweet and fun-loving pup! He clearly has all of the young pup personality and young pup friendliness as he loves people, other dogs and he enjoys playing, (just like most puppies do) so he will keep you on your toes! Oh, and be on the look-out for when he wants to sneak in a puppy kiss or 2! Bread is good at home and on walks with his older sibling, but he would really love to have a home with a fenced in yard and a younger dog (or dog that is tolerant of a young curious and rambunctious pup and his playful antics) that is willing to play and keep him active as those are things he loves to do!! His foster family gives him extra walks throughout the day as well as playtime in the yard, so as you can see, he is getting lots of exercise! On a side note, Bread is currently living with a cat and is proving to be a little to much, so we think a cat free home would be best for him! (and any cat too!)

As he is a Great Pyr mix, Bread could grow up to be a little on the larger side, so we don’t know how much bigger he will get at this point, but he is still young and has plenty of growing to do. As with all puppies, he will need a home that can give him LOTS of exercise and direction he needs to grow up to be a good boy! A tired pup is a good pup and a well behaved pup is lots of fun to be around!! He is learning the ropes from his foster family, but he still has LOTS to learn, so his family will have to have the time and patience to work with him on training and socialization. Not much seems to bother this guy and he LOVES rides in the car as he is very polite and just lays down once he gets going. 

His foster family says they don’t want him to sound ‘to perfect’ but at this time, they are thinking that with the exercise and direction his new family will give him, he will grow up to be one awesome boy who will make the perfect addition to their home!
If you would like to meet Bread, please fill out an adoption app ASAP!