Bolt Needs A Home

Age:2 years
Breed:Lab Mix
Intake date:11/04/2019
Post date:11/07/2019
This is Bolt… His life is going to be so much better now! FOSTER HOME NEEDED!
    We received notification of an urgent situation where a dog was found and severely malnourished and we just could not pass him up. Current owners who found him this past weekend have been keeping him in heated barn since their older dog is territorial so he is coming to GRRAND. They state this boy is extremely sweet and does not seem aggressive, but we obviously do not know too much about him, so please give us some time to get to know more about him.
    We think Bolt is about 2ish and he is also said to be pretty laid but but as you can see from the pictures, he is not very healthy right now, and we need time to see his real self come out.
    Please check back later for more info…